Touring uni parts?

  1. My 20" Nimbus X has a 71mm flange-to-flange UDC wide hub.

Wonder if that’s the same for the 29"? I assume so…

I built a unicycle for my old bike shop owner; and at the time there was no consensus on 29er rims (they were just coming into vogue). He had a MB with twin CR-18 rims and it seemed to be the best thing. However, during the build I found it to be quite squirrely and incapable of taking a lot of tension. Unicycle wheels have to be stronger than their bicycle brothers for mostly obvious reasons, and wheel strength is directly proportional, within limits, to spoke tension. I switched to the RhinoLite and found that it could take a lot more tension and was perfect for unicycling.

The KH rims, at least the older ones, had as their major attribute an even wider inner width. However, the joint was poorly matched and it was unsuitable for brakes. In addition, the cross section was not designed well IMHO and that rim too, was squirrely and unsatisfying to build with, unlike the RhinoLite which, like the DX32, is a dream to build with. The new KH design may have corrected those issues but I have not had a chance to work with them. If they are truly much better, then they would probably be the best match for the wider Big Apple. Like everything, though, it bears experimentation. Someday when money is less scarce I’d love to try out the new KH 29er rims.

I’ve run the big apple on a Mavic T261 rim, which is I think 21mm wide.

I’m running a 1" tyre on a similar width rim on my bike at the moment.

Both are somewhat marginal. The 1" tyre, was a nightmare to put on, but does work, although I dunno how much I lean it on my bike compared to on a unicycle. The Big Apple, was nice, but you need tons of pressure in it or else it’s squirellly sideways, even on this relatively wide rim. Changing to the KH rim was a real revelation with the Big Apple, although obviously means no narrow tyres.

With a super narrow rim, you might just be able to get away with the big apple, but you’ll not be getting the full joy of it.

Personally I wouldn’t bother building a unicycle that takes both tyres, I think you’ve got to decide whether you want a narrow tyred unicycle that looks like a road bike and is cool to show off to road bikers, but no use for riding, or a fat tyred unicycle that’ll be practical for riding distance, but won’t look so cool.

I’ve ridden Mikefules silly 700c unicycle and it does look super nice, but it’s an absolute pig to ride, I’d not want to ride that on a road ever. It’s equivalent to riding a bike with a pair of 10mm tyres, and it really feels that bad. It’s way way slower than a big apple to ride, and even on a flat tennis court, the small bumps of the lines slow you down.

By the way, you can fit any hub in most of the steel frames, because you bend them out / in to the width of the hub.