Touring Uni. HELP ME OUT!!!!

Ok I’ve decided that the old 20"er just isn’tdoing it for those 5 mile rides which i do quite often. So I’ve been thinking of getting a Touring uni. BUT I want it to be able to
1-Climb steep hills
2-Cover lots of distance
3-Be a smooth ride
4-Be able to do good MUni

See I do a type of unicycling that I call guantlet unicycling. Basically taking on a all terrains at once grass, paved roads, tracks, streets. That kind of thing. So I need a good touring uni that is on

The @ sign doesn’t have an official name.

My current ride fits your criteria admirably.

A 700c Nimbus (yuni?) with a 29-er tyre, a comfy seat (airseat) and 150 mm cranks (though the cranks are so cheap you may as well get a set of 125’s as well).

Here’s my recent write up since switching in the 150’s: -

It goes fast, it’s great at climbing hills and excells at speed focused XC (cross country) muni.

Another possibility is a 24"x3 muni, OK for commuting in hilly places, but lacks the speed of the 29-er.

The only weakness of the 29-er is that a 700c Nimbus rim won’t take big drops; but I’m so busy climbing monster hills and bombing round like a maniac to miss that :slight_smile:

Re: Touring Uni. HELP ME OUT!!!

I never thought about that. According to this page:

… its called monkey’s tail in Dutch, worm / maggot in Hungarian and dog in russian.

We oughta come up with a name for it in english, i think. :smiley:

Wait I thought that the only touring unis that were good at muni were 26"ers. I mean isn’t the 29"er a little to big to ride MUni.

By the way is that one If not can you show me a pic?

If you look through a Geko’s ear you can see to the other side.

Depends on what kind of muni.

Like I said above they’re not good for drops or anything that requires wheel strength.

But for speed they’re excellent, also the bigger wheel has a good rollover effect.

Are you UK or USA? I think what we in the UK call Nimbus are Yunis in USA.

There’s been loads posted here about 29-ers and their use in commuting and muni, I’m sure a search will turn up loads of interesting threads that will help you decide.

Here’s a link to something similar in USA: -

And this seems to be the USA equivalent of my 24x3 nimbus: -

Whilst not as fast or as good for distance as the 29-er, it will be a considerable step up from your current 20".

Not built for extreme drops, but considerably stronger than the 29-er, and seems to be at a really good price (Iwish we could get them that cheap over here).

Nice thing about this compared to some of the other budget models, is that the yuni frame takes the 3" tyres.

If you want something super tough then you’ll have to look at the more expensive ‘splined hub’ models, but I’ve had my nimbus for over two years- as long as you don’t want to do big drops it lasts really well, mine is still in superb condition after many, many hours and miles of riding.

Re: Touring Uni. HELP ME OUT!!!

In English the name of the sign seems to be most commonly given as at or, more fully, commercial at, which is the official name given to it in the international standard character sets. Other names include whirlpool (from its use in the joke computer language INTERCAL) and fetch (from FORTH), but these are much less common. A couple of the international names have come over into English: snail is fairly frequently used; more surprisingly, so is snabel from Danish.


Re: Touring Uni. HELP ME OUT!!!

“Worminton” <> writes:

> Wait I thought that the only touring unis that were good at muni were
> 26"ers. I mean isn’t the 29"er a little to big to ride MUni.

You are asking for a compromise, so don’t be surprised the advice you
are getting has compromises. If you want hardcore MUni performance,
get a 24x3 MUni and live with the fact that it will ride like a truck
on pavement, the tire will wear out quickly if you turn a lot, idle,
etc. on the road, and it won’t be particularly fast at covering

Otherwise, consider that, at 28" actual diameter, a 26x3 MUni wheel is
only an inch smaller than a 29er wheel, albeit one inch in the wrong
direction for rough terrain. If you want decent road performance
consider riding one of the touring tires listed on
Maybe the Hookworm 26x2.5 or Nano Raptor 29x2.1. Don’t worry which
unicycles are equipped with which tire, just ask for the tire you want
when your make your order and they’ll fix you up.