Touring Tips

In a month or so, I’m doing a tour of the UK on my 36er with a friend; the preparation’s going well, but seeing as there doesn’t seem to be a dedicated thread or website to unicycle touring (if I’m missing one – I did search – please let me know!), I thought it might be a good idea.

What are vital things to carry? Are there any major things that must or must not be done? If you have anything from a list of packing essentials to tips for easing saddle soreness, post them here. :slight_smile:

A few people have advised me to contact the police in order to check whether unicycling requires some sort of ‘clearance’ given that it might be regarded as a distraction on the road. I don’t put much stock in that; in my experience, you’re just treated like a cyclist with occasional odd stares. Any advice on that?

No, you don’t need to. As far as anyone is concerned it’s a bike. Ride it like a bike and you’ll be fine.

Is your friend on a bike or a unicycle?

Are you camping, or staying at B&Bs / hotels / People’s houses?


We’re both unicycling and staying in youth hostels/camp sites.

Gracie Sorbello has a very useful gear list available here. I’ll be taking a lot from it and changing a few things.

There’s but it’s slightly out of date. It’s more a list of past and future tours though than the advice site you seem to be looking for.

And then there’s This is broader than just unicycle touring but should contain some useful stuff for you.