Touring/Long Distance KH 36: The Complete Set Up

Hello folks,

I am putting my 2009 KH 36 up for sale along with a few extras for those who are interested in self-supported touring. I have done 3 self-supported tours now on the uni, and this combination of bags and handle has made it a feasible pursuit.

1 x 2009 KH 36er one small scratch on frame(Has the newest version of the freeride seat)
1 x KH Touring bar (with the new beefed up connector piece + stiffener plate)
1 x Magura HS22 hydraulic brake (I like the HS22 lever because it is longer and allows more variability with my handle set up)
1 x Odyssey Twisted Plastics (Black)
1 x KH Moment dual hole cranks (110/125)
1 x Handle bar bag that fits perfectly under the T-bar

1 x Carradice SQR Tour. These bags are handmade in the UK and have a reputation for being built tough. The SQR system allows you to mount the bag on the seat post. While riding it will not wiggle at all and is very easily connected and disconnected. This bag is absolutely perfect for taking the weight off your bag. Now that I’ve used it, can’t imagine touring with anything else. Only used for one tour so far, so it is in perfect shape.

Here is a link to the SQR Tour
(Paid 159.99 USD)
4 x MEC brand LED lights

IMO this is one of the best ungeared unicycle touring setups you can buy. The position is nice and low, and the addition of the Carradice bag makes it so you only have to carry water on your back. I can fit my Hennessy Hammock, sleeping pad, cooking utensils, spare tube, patch kit, multi tool, first aid kit, change of clothes, and gatoraide bottle in the bag. No need for a seatpost rack, this is an all in one solution to carrying camping equipment on a unicycle, and it really doesn’t take long before you’ve forgotten it’s there.

Asking $950 OBO for everything you see here. With no Carradice SQR Tour it would be $850 OBO. Also, I am willing to part out the bag for $120. Will ship anywhere in North America. It will probably be pricey over the border, though.


Forgot to mention that you pay shipping, prices are in CDN dollars, and make an offer, I am reasonable.



Nice wheel!

You are right about cross-border shipping. The cost the shipper pays isn’t the FINAL cost. I bought a KH36" from a seller in Canada, and, when the unicycle was delivered, I got a bill for another $60+ in fees from UPS for their various “handling” (add-on) charges. Yes, this seems inflated, but the buyer has to foot this bill. The actual fees from the government agencies were somewhere between $3.00 - $5.00, but somehow, in the UPS calculator, they grew.

If you’re buying or selling across the border, just be prepared to get hit with extra charges once the deal is done.


What? Why the heck are you getting rid of this cool setup? Are you going to get another 36er then or are you giving up cokering altogether?

Those bags look pretty good. I’d want them but shipping to Europe would be a deal breaker, I guess.

I am selling my 36er now so that I can buy a recumbent for touring. I have some health issues right now that make it too uncomfortable to tour on a uni. I will miss it for the season, but am planning to pick one up next summer.

Ah, I see. Well I hope you’ll get well soon then. Touring on a recumbent must be much more comfortable than on a uni…

Try to have things shipped via Canada Post. It may take a bit longer but you won’t be paying UPS’s brokerage fee over and above the shipping costs.

Totally, that’s my plan. If you remove the tire from the rim, Canada Post should accept a package this large.

Recumbent…pshhh, get the Long Haul Trucker instead =]

Haha, yeah James. The LHT was on my list, but part of my reason for the recumbent was my chronic shoulder and neck pain. Admittedly, it would be nice to have both :).

Wow, beautiful touring setup. But having toured a bit, I must say that I prefer being comfortable, and one wheel just doesn’t look like it’d provide much comfort on a long tour.

Not to get off topic of the post, but I just returned from an 11-day, 1100-mile Boulder, CO - Yellowstone loop on a recumbent, a RANS V2. Previous tours have been on a Trek 520 and two different tandems. Both recumbent and upright b*kes have their advantages, but if you have any shoulder or neck pain, recumbent is definitely the way to go – which you’ve apparently figured out already. Also, the view is better on a recumbent, which is nice if you’re going on a scenic tour. I was surprised by how poor the view is on the 520 when I hopped back on it when I returned.

I too have used the Rans V2 on tour! Really a great bike.

I get shoulder and neck pain when using drop bars as well, that is why I got the albatross bars, ever since then, I can bike forever with no pain. Sure I am less aerodynamic, but being in an upright position is great for touring.

Unicycle has sold.

The Carradice bag is still available for 120 OBO