Touring handles to fit a Nimbus Isis 29er?

Does anyone know what would be the best touring handles to fit a Nimbus Isis 29", it’s got the same saddle and seatpost as it was sold with. Thanks.

if you swap to a rail seatpost you can fit the T7 touring handle, which is a pretty popular choice, and as far as I know the only commerically produced touring handle at the moment.

Coker Pi bar…

pretty much any handle will work for you.

Nimbus T7 and Coker pi bar are the only two that are curretnly being made (that I know of)

There is also GB4 handles which I don’t think are made anymore and also require some mods to the saddle stiffener plate to make it more solid.

Or you can make your own. There is a fairly recent thread with home made handles. (I think it is called ‘the $3 handle experiment’)


thanks for the suggestions, is the coker pi bar available in the uk yet?