tourer/ road unicycle ideas?

so i was trying to find some way of adapting a touring unicycle too have a normal bike saddle, when i looked at the underside of a bike seat you can see the bracket that fastens to a bikes seatpost could be adjust to fasten onto a horizontal bar instead of vertical, is there anyway you could but a bike seat onto a T7 futher back? or does the seat have to be directly above the seat post?

is their any other way of getting a more natural riding position and using a bike saddle? i’m looking for a way of doing it without having to do any welding, just using stock parts, but all input is welcome…

please post pictures of your road or touring unicycles to give ideas…

this is purely for information purposes i won’t be able to afford a 36er for a longggg time :wink:

thanks in advance for any responses!

use the search function

whole thread with all you need

thanks, i coulden’t find anything when i searched

okay, hope that you find it usefull.
feel free to ask about some ideas as i have tons of experience with handlebars.:wink:

as yoiu have lots of experience? what is the best/most comfortable setup for long rides?

Here’s how I did [U]mine[/U]:slight_smile: It’s a little bit longer than a T-7 and I like it way more. Plus, the way my seat is tilted it’s like if I was riding a V framed uni:)

I use a stock T7 and a Nimbus Gel saddle. That has seen me through several thousand miles with little or no discomfort. If it aint broke, don’t fix it :slight_smile:


Nearly every bicycle.

it depends on what type of long rides you are talking about.

when i ride on my 36 inch i find are comfortable setup one that is like a road bike.

but when i do some smaller rides on a 29 inch unicycle i like it more with a t-7 type handlebar.

i have a v-frame on my 36 that allows me to ride like you ride on a road bike.

alsow there is a big differnce when you use a unicycle seat or a bicycle seat.

sort of 100 mile a day rides, minus the saddle soreness…
was thinking a V-frame… i was also wonderring if having the back of the V a supension piece (like loppybopster’s muni) - but i also thought having suspension like this would make long distances a bit more tiring… ?

with that kind of milage a day you want a long handlebar or v-frame, t-7 is not right for such touring i find.

i’am wondering you are talking about wanting a v-frame, do you have acces to a workshop where you can make it?
if done right it is not something you make in a day.

to put it simply, yes. i do want a V-frame, but before i go spending a silly amount of money i want to know other peoples experiences and if there is a better way of getting a similar riding position…
you mentioned that you do have a V-frame, could you post a picture?
and yes, i do know people that would build it if i gave them accurate plans

look at this:

and no there is no handlebar that can give me the same riding position

and offcourse a v-frame looks great to:p
let me know what you think;)

this is exactly what i had in mind!!! and the handiwork on this is brilliant!
how much did you pay to build the frame? any chance of some detailed plans?

It was made when i worked at a company as a part of my education.
I there had the abbilities to work with a 3d computer program and a cnc milling machine.

I dont have the 3d files anymore wish i still had them.
The frame took over 12 hourse to machine so dont expect it to be cheap.
As discribed in the other topic a v-frame could be made much cheaper using tubing.

to only problem you then have is how to machine the bearing holders.

so what kind of workshop do you have acces to?

i don’t personnally have access to a workshop, but i will ask these guys…
or i may go to a friends friend, it will be made of tubing, :slight_smile: thanks :slight_smile:
any measurements or a roughly drawn sketch woulod help ALOT, thanks :slight_smile:

i dont have measurements from my frame but i do have the measurements of the 36 inch triton frame.

you could use that as a basepoint to start from.
it is a word document so i can not post it on the forum.
it is around here somewhere on the forum in a pdf file i will try to find it for you;)

found it:

so now you have the dimensions you could make 2 of these and then join them on a angle so that you get a v-frame;)

a very clever idea! thank you so much :slight_smile:

any chance of some very rough measurements? maybe written on pictures themselves?