Tour of the Swan River Valley West, Missoula Montana, May 21-22

Hi: This is a plug for the annual tour put on by Missoulians on Bicycles. I’m working on training myself up to at least do the first day on uni. As far as I know, this ride has never been done on a uni. My wife will probably be running shuttle for me and carrying my bike for the second day if I need it. Plenty of room in my truck to carry bikes for other riders as well if you’d like, and I’d love to have the company. Also easy to fly into Missoula, and I can potentially host a couple riders for Friday and Sunday nights.
More info here:

Maybe …

… looks interesting …

… might be able to make it.


Hey Joe, that would be cool. Not that I’d ever be able to keep up with you, but now I feel like I’ve really got to step up my training. :stuck_out_tongue:


We have decided to commit to this ride. It all goes well I’ll be doing the long ride.

That’s great, Joe. I haven’t been pushing this thread because I’ve been a bit nervous about my knees getting sore. However, I’ve started being more diligent about warming up my knees and stretching, and it seems to be helping a great deal. A 10 mile ride on my ungeared Coker (still including some ice and snow) just takes time, not really any effort anymore, and minimal knee pain. The time is also consistently going down, and climbing getting consistently easier. My main mileage limitations are now sunset and the snow that still limts where I ride.

I feel like I can’t fail to show up myself after I’ve invited others to come to this ride. I also don’t want to miss the opportunity to be one of the first group of unicyclists to do the ride. So I’m committed! Now all I need to do is get my geared 29 put together, learn to ride it, and train up to being able to ride 110 (or perhaps more likely for me 85) mountain miles in a day, and then maybe a second day too (although I’ll be bringing my bike as a backup). Yeah, no problem, I’ve got 10 whole weeks to do this. :astonished: :smiley:

If your wife will be driving support, I recommend that you make a hotel reservation in Bigfork, MT, a few miles up the road from the overnight stop. A camping spot on the shore of Swan lake is included in the registration fee. I stayed there when I rode the ride on my bike, and it was great. However, with spouse along, I figure a hotel room will work better, and after riding on a uni I don’t feel at all that it could be looked on as wimping out (actually, quite a few bicyclists get hotel rooms).

So, anyone else want to join us?

Not too bad. . .

I found a posting of this route on MapMyRide:

The elevation profile comes out looking pretty flat. I know from experience riding this that it feels a bit more hilly than the graphic leads you to believe. Still, it is true that there are not any really steep climbs; rather, there are sustained climbs.