Tour dem Parks - Baltimore

My wife saw a unicyclist on this bike ride today (Tour dem Parks - Baltimore) and he was riding a 36 in unicycle. She talked with him for a little while and he said that he used this forum.

Mike A.

I completed the 35 mile tour yesterday and enjoyed it quite a bit. I got a chance to improve my geographical knowledge of Baltimore and visited parks I had not seen before. I was really feeling the love from the bikers. I got tons of positive comments and a long, sustained applause from the bikers gathered at the picnic at the end. The only thing that would have made it any better would have been if the hills were a little steeper and the temperature were a little hotter.

that is cool. my wife is the one who took your photo and couldn’t contain herself in telling me all about this unicyclist on the ride. she knows how much I like to unicycle…:slight_smile: