Tour de Leola year 2

Hey, I don’t know if anyone remembers me posting about the unicycle ride I was at last year, maybe i’ll look it up. If I posted I said something like, " it was really fun and inspiring, even if I did walk most all of it". Anyways, it was through a development, but there were lots of other unicyclers there, and I enjoyed it.

They had it again this year, I thought they forgot to tell me when it was, then I got a phone call. I asked my 2 unicycle buddies Caleb and Josh, who didn’t ride last year, and also my student Catia, who doesn’t ride yet. We had a lesson for Sunday, around the time of the ride, so I got permission to take her to that instead, woo hoo!

We got there in time to register, there were forms for parents to filled out, I filled some parts, but left the medical stuff pretty well blank, they accepted it, and nobody got hurt anyways. Then Sam talked a bit, and the ride started. Josh and Caleb disapeared with pretty much everyone else. Catia held onto me and I walked with my unicycle. A pretty, young lady, I think her name was Jenn came to her other side so Catia had two people to hold onto. I had her practice on a fence other times, so i’m glad she used people, helped her get closer to riding I think. Usually she’d go a bit, then fall off. I had kinda figured i’d not be riding too much, which was fine, cause I wanted Catia to be encouraged like I was last year : ) We didn’t ride the whole thing, we went a few blocks at least, at one point she took a break and I rode for a little. Jenn said I mastered backwards cause I rode a bit, and I was like " I wouldn’t say mastered" but it was a compliment none the less. I think she used to ride unicycle, but hasn’t for awhile. We got to a water station, Catia got a ride back, Jenn might of to, and I rode my uni, finding other people, and eventually my two other buddies.

They didn’t have any perfomances like last year, so the whole thing was pretty short, but it was cool. I got to ride a 5 foot unicycle, which wasn’t too hard, but would take some getting used to, besides it was a 20 inch and i’m used to my 24, but it was helpfull as to i’m thinking about getting a 6 footer sometime. I also got to say hi to some people I hadn’t seen for a bit, so God blessed with a fun day for us, and awesome weather.


Hey I found a post from last year…

good news…
I have officially free mounted! I was at a uni ride in Leola and got to meet a whole bunch of people who can ride unicycle, plus get some good practice time in. During the actual ride I didn’t do much riding, mostly running to not be too far behind and trying to find things to help me mount and ride a little. But during that I free mounted and rode like one cycle, so i’m happy, even if nobody witnesses it and I have no evidence… I got to practice after that and went from one basket ball net to another, however far that is. Then later got to see some good demonstrations of skills and talk to people throughout the day, so I enjoyed it. Hopefully after more practice i’ll be sore from riding, and not from running, hehe. The last little bit of the race a bicycler was kind enough to let me use his shoulder to be on the unicycle when I finished, so that was cool also.

Truely and inspiring day.

Cool bit of history eh?

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That was fun to read. What a difference a year can make, huh?

Re: Tour de Leola year 2

Darn. Sorry I missed it this year. Was there a thread about it? Next year, can someone post something here about the ride? David Ramos? Nikki? KJ-52?

Sorry, I thought after I posted this that I should of posted letting people know it was coming up. Next year… : )