Tour De Cure SanAntonio-Austin:Donate!

I will be cokering the Tour De Cure. That’s a 150 mile (the scenic route) from San Antonio to Austin. Please support me by visiting this site and sponsoring me:

Eric’s Tour De Cure Donate Page!

Thank you very much,


By the way, also riding is jerryg and bigwheeltex.

i don’t want to steal away jerryg and bigwheeltex’s potential sponsors. please save some funds for them:)

edit: oh and scott wallis , too - maybe.

Man that is awsome! I can’t believe your doing 150 miles. It makes me feel insignificant with my 31 mile ride in the Tour de Cure maybe I should work toward the 62 mile option.

So what are the details? Is it all in one day or two? Are you riding with a team or Solo? What possesed you?:wink:

it’s 150 miles over two days - saturday and sunday.

no official team, but jerryg and bigwheeltex are going to be riding as well - maybe scottwallis depending on his knee.

bigwheeltex does a 150+ mile MS150 ride every year. he’s asked me to join him and i’ve always been afraid. i don’t know what possed me this time. i’m looking forward to doing the event with at least two other cokers. we should have a good time despite the eventual crotch pain.

You might want to check into joining a team. The team I joined(after they soliceted me) actually gives out jerseys. Nice ones att that.:smiley: They don’t have a 150 mile option here, but they do have 100k, that would be completed in one day. I will see how my training goes before I up the ante.

I guess you didn’t get the memo. My knee is good, but I am not planning to do the MS150. I think I will just pay you guys to do my riding for me. I really need to get some Coker miles in before I think about doing that. Will consider doing the Bike to the beach MS150 in October…If you will.:slight_smile:
Good luck to you and Jerry and AJ. You will have a great time.


Do what you can not do in order that you may learn how to do it.:smiley:

Ouch. Time for a new sig line.:wink:

And when I said I wasn’t planning to do the MS150, I meant the Tour de Cure. The MS150 Bike to the Beach sounds more inviting to me because it is …downhill, and in the more distant future.



Now I get it!