Tour Da Yoop: shorter rout option.

Under the advisement of several wise souls, I have devised a shorter and much more scenic route.

244 miles, many of which are right along lake Superior. The tour can be reduced to a week plus a weekend. The ending dates inclusive of Laborday weekend… sound great to me. Thanks for the ideas Hell-on-wheel and Andy Cotter!!

I have attached a map of the two routes. Please tell me whatcha think!
Respectfully, Blake


hmmm both look good to me, but i have run into another problem…football practices start in augest. Im not quiet sure when but this might be a problem for me. If i do i would gladly do part of the trip.:smiley:

Hmm, indeed! I think a coach might be negotiable considering it is a real indurance builder. In any case. Both routes go thru your town so I hope you can ride some of it. The Keweenaw part is great, maybe you can do Copper Harbor to Negaunee!

Say, That file you sent me didn’t have any information. Can you check it out? A picture too, if you like. Did you see the rider pages on the web? They look pretty nice.


I re-sent you that email with my profile let me know if it works this time.