Tour Da Yoop: Last Call!!

Hello everyone,

I am compiling a final list of riders for the upcoming tour. August 27-September 3.

The tour route is from Copper Harbor, MI to Fairport, MI, about 250 miles over 8 days.

I am finalizing the expenses. It will be between $250 and $300 to ride. I will need to have a deposit of $250 amount by August 15. This fee includes lodging and some of the meals. The lodging is a combination of motels, cabins and tent camping.

Driving support for the tour will be minimal, but there will be one or two vehicles for the transport of gear.

If you would like to ride in just part of the tour, that is fine! PM me and let’s talk.

If you have already expressed interest in riding, I’ll be sending you an email shortly! Contact me if you don’t receive one by tomorrow August 2.

Thanks for thinking about riding!