touching up powdercoatings

Does anyone have any tips on touching up a powdercoated frame. My Wilder frame needs some touching up to cover the bare aluminum.

One tip, from my friend, Scott Wallis was to dab a brush in some laquer thinner and then into the powder and then cover the spot.

So, that’s one tip. Any others?


I used fingernail polish.


Do you use make up also?

that’s actually a pretty common and pretty good way of touching up slightly chipped/scratched paint on unis and bikes and such. also automotive touch up paint works well too. not sure exactly how to touch up powder coating though.

I say you just leave it how it is, and let it get scratched and stuff, that gives your unicycle more personality. ( :

With a steel frame, I wouldn’t mind so much. But the Wilder/Lyte rider frame is aluminum and I was told that aluminum can weaken from exposure to the atmosphere.

So, I would like to minimize that exposure by covering up the gashes.

thanks for the responses so far.

Hmmmm, maybe mix fingernail polish with the powder. Gotta test that.