Touch-up Paint & Rust

Well, because I’m a duma$$, and a lazy one too, I ignored Brian M’s advice about hosing the uni off after winter riding, and I saw today I’ve rust forming on the frame… Any advice on how to touch up the chrome? I figure I’ll have to sand the rust off…

If you want to go the chemical route, just buy a liquid or gel rust remover and some chrome polishing or restoring compound. That’s probably a but expensive for a uni, though.

You could also sand the rust off and then try a restoring compound.

How deep is the rust? If it’s superficial, some steel wool and a little elbow grease will do the trick without gouging the metal; sandpaper can leave more damage than it can fix often times… (okay, I’m incompetent with sand paper). If you use sand paper, you’ll have to follow with wool or a polishing compound anyways to smooth things out. That is, if you wanna keep your frame looking, um, “bling bling.”