totaly new uni idea (i think)

i was thinking after having a good uni session could you make a dicycle BC wheel im not sure how you would turn ,but is this a new idea and is it plausible

i dont think it would be possible correct me if im am wrong but a dicycle is when 2 wheels are stacked on top of each other …if that being true i dont think a dicycle bc would work …but it would be really awsom if it did

I think that is commonly just called a two wheeler.



Just remove the pedals from something like that?

A dicycle usually means two wheels side-by-side. A BC dicycle would be pretty much like a dumb-bell. You can buy a sort of dicycle ultimate wheel (i.e. with pedals on a crankshaft between two wheels) - I think UDC sell them.


this has nothin to do with your thread at all… but your sig says the only maori unicyclist on this forum… and im pretty sure our very own munimanpete is infact a maori. end of thread jack

Veeby (Munimanpete) ain’t got no maori blood in him, I think he’s dutch or something like that. Myself on the other hand, have maori ancestory, and through some random equation that I don’t know, i’m 3/16 maori :wink: