Totally Souped-Up Sun28 HOT ROD!!!

So, I finally finished upgrading my Sun28er into a Hot Rod Souped-Up Sun29er! I took her out for a ride today and it was way, way sweet!

This is what I did:
Replaced the stock Sun saddle with a KH-style saddle (Velo—I got it from eBay)

Swapped out the stock crank arms and plastic pedals for the Nimbus X crank arms and aluminum DX 9/16 pedals with pins that I had on my Nimbus/Yuni 26er.

Replaced the stock Kenda “Cosmo” street tire for a WBT Moto Raptor 2.1—because of the width factor of the Sun frame, I took an exacto blade and I cut the most protruding nobs off the tires that happened to be brushing up against the inside of the frame. It worked out very well, and thus my Sun28er is now a Sun29er!

I took the lights off my 26er and mounted them on the Sun29er, along with the bike lock.

Last but not least, I got one of those Trisco “Painreliever” Gel Seat Cover (recommended in an earlier thread by Leadpan the OC Cokeur in California) and attached it to the KH saddle—actually, I took the handle and bumpers off, attached the gel seat cover, then reattached the handle and bumper as an additional anchor.

So there you have it! I know the Sun 28er is considered a “cheap” unicycle, but personally, I think it rides really well. It is easily upgradeable, especially if you swap out parts from a unicycle you don’t really use anymore because you want a larger wheel. Also, half the fun is upgrading something that was really inexpensive into something that suits your purposes. It’s almost like taking an old Volkswagen bug and sticking a V-8 engine in it. Because of the affordability of the Sun28er, I was able to start logging in some distance miles while slowly upgrading. It was fun—and I think my much maligned Sun28er now looks and rides like a really sexy hot rod!

Here is a close-up of the gel seat cover mounted to the KH saddle under the handle and bumper.

The yellow squares is reflective tape. I do a lot of riding at night. I always use reflective tape.

I used an exacto blade to cut off any nobs that rubbed the inside of the frame. I know it is an unusual thing to do to your tire, but I figured why not? Now my tire spins really well, and rides as straight as an arrow too!

If you try this, be careful you don’t cut your fingers–or your tire, for that matter…


Here is the clearence created by cutting some of the outer nobs off the WBT.

That dreaded and annoying SUN logo MUST STAY!!! It is a badge of honor, that symbol of all things cheap in the unicycle world!! (Cheap, yet upgradeable…)
Oh, and pay no attention to that man behind the spokes!..


Lights On!
Rock and roll Hot Rod Unicycle ready to ROCK!
(Funny thing–this photo makes the tire look smaller than it actually is–in reality, it almost looks like a coker! --OK, not quite that, but, it’s pretty massive…)

Can you do that to mine pleeeease?


dude…that’s awesome!

very smart idea with the reflective tape!!

how much over all did that cost you?



Looking good, Steve!

That’s freaking sick. I just hope you don’t ever taco the wheel when riding off a curb or something stupid like that, ehehe. Well, I heard about that once, anyway. Happy trails…

Only upgrade I’ve done to my 28 is a KH Fusion seat and some lights
They’re great unicycles. Amazing for the price–I take it off 2 ft drops all the time and never have any problem.
Although one of my pedals did kinda shatter yesterday…


Hi Chase
Because I already had a lot of these parts on my Nimbus 26er, I just swapped them to the Sun, so in my case, it did not mean a giant purchase of material and parts to this–it was just a logical thing to try. So, just counting the parts I did not already have, I spent 30 dollars on the WTB and 20 dollars on the gel seat.

I think the important thing for upgrading a Sun28er to a Sun29er is getting a decent saddle that you like, and of course a 29er tire, which will only fit if you shear off some of the nobs–nobs or not, there are some tires that will not fit, like the Big Apple, but a “Butchered” WTB 2.1 moto Raptor will fit. You need a saddle because the one that comes with the Sun is in my opinion, really bad. A lot of people say the pedals on the Sun are not any good, but I’ve met people who still have their stock pedals on theirs, and they have held up fine, so the pedal issue is up for grabs.

So costs for upgrading the Sun29er:
Just the basic upgrade of a tire and seat?
KH-style saddle Velo brand (from eBay you can get one for 24.99 --plus 11.00 shipping in my case so it came out to 36 dollars) here is the eBay URL:
I got the WTB from my localbike shop, and it was 30 dollars.

With those prices, the basic upgrade was 66 dollars.

If you already have a saddle you would want to swap out from another unicycle, you cut the cost nearly in half–just 30 for the tire…

The unicycle itself I got from Sunrise Cyclery for 99 dollars–which is about the same if you get it from UDC and you figure in the shipping cost. The only reason I chose Sunrise Cyclery is because I was able to just go there and buy it as opposed to waiting for it to arrive in the mail.

So for a basic Sun 29er, the cost comes out approximetly165 dollars, add another 20 for the gel seat.

The nimbus X crank arms and the pedals I already had–the nimbus X cranks are normally 28 dollars–I just put them on for personal preference–the crank arms that come with the Sun seem perfectly fine. I have no idea how much my the DX pedals are because they came with my Nimbus 26 Muni.

In many ways, if one has the cash up front, it is not really worth it to buy a Sun 28er and do all these upgrades if you can afford to get something like a Nimbus 29er for $229.00 or a Yuni 29er for $245.00–however, the basic Sun29er upgrade brings things up to about $165, so it is indeed a bit cheaper.

What is good about the Sun is that it is an affordable way to get a distance wheel and start some distance riding while you upgrade. True, there are all these issues of people complaining about the wheel tacoing, but I have met several people who have done tons of abusive things to their Sun28ers and they held up fine. Who really knows? Maybe there was a batch of defective ones that were out a couple of years ago–I know that they used to come with a steel rim, but mine appears to be some kind of alloy. Perhaps those crafty engineers over at the Sun Unicycle research labs read some negative posts right here on the forums and changed their manufaturing methods. who really knows?

All I know is that I could not afford to get a proper 29er and I wanted to do distance unicycling. So I got the Sun 28er, and had loads of fun riding it, and, upgrading it! It’s a blast to turn a budget unicycle into a red hot riding hot rod!

Am I a member of that club? I AM a member of that club! (mine is still in it’s 28er stage though).

Nice job Steve. Lookin good.

i think you have to change your sig now… heheheh. That looks pretty nice. good job