Totaled my uni, lookin for a new one..

I’ve been riding a “savage” uni (a begginers’ 28 spoked, 20" wheel) for about 3 summers, and I recently jumped sideways down a four stair set and the entire wheel bent sideways and the rim is cracked. I thought about replacing the wheel but upon taking apart the uni… it just, ew. no. I could write two pages on how much has deteriorated, cracked or just plain broke.

The bike shops around are little help, and merely looking through catalogs doesn’t help at all when I’m trying to find a replacement. I am mainly a city/street rider but I go down to an elaborate hiking trail (known as “Raceway Woods,” it’s an old race track from the 60’s that’s been converted into an amazing hiking area) from time to time. I’m much more concerned about the weight of the uni than the trail aspect.

I’m absolutely crazy about the Onza 24" Trials Unicycle but unfortunately it costs around $400, which is about $250 over my price range.

I’d like something remotely similar to that one, and would really appreciate other opinions on what to get. My quick decision would be the 24" Torker LX, and I know I’m going to hear alot of that. But if you would, PLEASE, include your reasoning and arguements…
Also, how does the LX compare to the DX? how much do they weigh?

Here’s another link the the Onza trails -

Thanks a ton.


Get the DX, it has a splined hub, as opposed to the LX’s square taper, and it is relatively cheap ($260 from udc I think) I don’t know the exact weight but the DX is pretty heavy, That shouldn’t really matter thought, once you get used to a heavier uni it is fine.

What about the Muddley 24" muni?

Or the Qu-Ax 24" muni?

Those and the Torker DX (not sure if you can get those in the UK…) are about as cheap as it gets for 24" splined unis.

awesome, thanks alot guys

I’m still kinda concerned about the weight though. Can anyone help me compare the freestyle uni’s to the muni’s? I know there are plenty of great Nimbus freestyle unicycles out there, but once again there’s really not much on the internet to base a $200 decision on.

They are really completely different from each other. Freestyle unicycles are meant for flatland tricks. They are very light weight, have skinny tires that usually can take very high pressure, and the cranks are short.

A muni, is meant for mountain unicycling. If it’s splined it can take large drops, it’ll have a think mountain tire, long cranks for more leverage or trails, a beefy frame, pinned pedals, and all that. If you’re looking for a good off road, machine then the DX is right up your alley. The LX is good if all you do is ride on roads, or do flat land freestyle. They are completely different machines in almost every way though. Good luck deciding.

you can get a 2005 torker DX from for $200
I have one and it is very strong, a little heavy, but weight only makes you better on a light unicycle :slight_smile: