Total Coker or 29er miles among members.

This is a copy of all the other threads, but I don’t really care.
Just post your total amount of miles on your coker or 29er. And add one to the rider total. It will be fun to see how many miles we have total, and then I’m sure that tyler will do the math to see how many straws we have ridden across and what.
So yeah, I’ll start.

4.8 miles
1 rider

Combined with my coker and 29er I’m at about 200 miles now.

204.8 miles
2 riders

Combining about 90 miles on my 29er and > 120 on my coker, 210 over all.

414.8 miles
3 riders

The average is already quite high and I expect it’ll get higher still!

at one time? or all together?

At one time 33 miles. Altogether from my 29er and coker… oof… probably getting around 700 miles or so.

because i dont get it, i wont do the math.


Okay, it is all together.

1114.8 miles
4 riders

2006 mileage

2006 Total Coker Mileage = 1336 Miles and still riding until it snows
2005 Total Coker Mileage = 1503 Miles

Life Coker Miles = 2839!!!:slight_smile:

just wait 'till nathan and beau chime in here:)

so that I don’t waste this post, I’ve done about 80 miles or so on my trials uni(muniing) and about a mile on my friends coker.

I want to get a coker sometime though. its feels like your floating, and I think it would be extremelyfun to go on a tour.


Sorry did not realize
1114.8 plus 2839 = 3953

3953 Total and 5 riders

You know it! So far we’ve ridden over 32317687 point something something drinking straws of the average length of 7.75 inches. :smiley:

Nerd bonus!

I only ride my Coker backwards so -4300 miles so far.

we just got harper served…

I havn’t really been keeping track, but I’d say at least 3000 miles for me.

Currently, in the 2 months since installing my cycle computer, I’ve clocked-

150 miles

That’s mainly on 24x3, with some on the 29-er

Extrapolating from that, I estimate 150 x 6/ annum=900 miles

Over the 5 ? years I’ve been riding, that would give 4500 miles (mainly on 24x3)

Since I got my Coker in 2000 I have ridden an estimated 15,000 miles give or take a thousand. K, bye.