Torso Twisting When Riding


I have been Muniing about 5 months now. I have been doing 5k to 10k cross country rides on rocky mountain and farm trails at least twice a week. Now I am working on learning how to ride backwards and off the seat so that I can get some crouch and height when I jump. I am no Kris Holm or Dan Heaton but am a pretty decent coordinated rider.

Recenty (the past week) I have been twisting my torso, bringing my left shoulder way forward while riding in order to keep going in a strait line. Everything looks ok on both of my munis Kris Holm 29 and Onza 24. this happens while I ride on both Unicycles. So I know that it is not a seat that is not on strait or some other broblem with a muni. It is quite anoying because I used to cuise along in a very relaxed strait posture and now I am always struggling to go strait. This has had no effect on my riding capabilities I am still jumping over bigger rocks and turning better every day. It is just anoying because it does not let me ride in a relaxed way when there are no obstacles.

Has anyone else experienced such a problem? Does anyone know what could be causing this recently developed need to twist my torso while riding?

I appreciate everyones help.


I also had the same problem. I think my seat was a bit misaligned. After I aligned it very precisely I still had the same problem, so I just tried to bring my other shoulder out. After a while it disappeared, I think. Now I can ride pretty relaxed most of the time.