torque wrench advice

Now that I own a fancy hub (need 12Nm for one part), I’m going to get a torque wrench.

What do y’all use?

McMaster-Carr part number 85555A214

I had used the alternative spec of “very firm hand pressure”. Since you mentioned the 12Nm (8.85 ft lbs), I checked it with a torque wrench, and 8.85 ft lbs is more then I had.

My torque wrench is an old one, has a long bar that bends and so the pointer shifts to indicate the torque.

Good luck, just don’t screw up the crank bolt like I did. I’m sure you read the instructions where Florian is careful to warn about making sure the shifter shaft is not in the way of the allen headed wrench. I missed that until afterward.

I use this one, good ol’ basic Craftsman. At $30, great insurance policy for my Stockton wheel.

12 Nm will be off the bottom of the range of a lot of torque wrenches, certainly is on mine. Personally I use a mid-size Norbar 1/2" drive which is very solid but comes in at about £80.

When I get my KHU hub back I’ll be torque wrenching EVERYTHING… I’ve got a park tools TW-1 which is appropriate, although I’d suggest the other sort (click/ratchet, rather than beam). The click-type is easier to use, as you just keep going until you feel/hear the click, while with a beam you need to keep looking at the scale.

I’m in the same boat. I’m waiting to get my KH/Schlumpf hub back from Florian. While I don’t think the issue I had was related, I’m a bit more paranoid about having all the bolts torqued just right. Never having used a torque wrench, and looking at some on line, can you a torque wrench on spokes as well? That is does it have a proper wrench end and not just a socket? Is there such a torque wrench than does both? Excuse my ignorance. It’s just that I’ve been breaking a lot of spokes lately on my 36er and thought having a torque wrench would be good to help with that and to work with my KH/Schlumpf hub…

Steveyo: What torque wrench did you end up getting?

Torque wrenches look just like ratchets with longer handles. I’ve never seen a box wrench or spanner style and certainly never for something as small as spokes!

I’ve never seen a torque wrench with anything other than a square socket on the end. If you have spoke nipples with screwdriver slots in the end, I guess you could take off the tyre, tube and rim tape and use a screwdriver attachment to tighten them, but that does seem like a lot of faffing about.

I have seen spoke tensionometers however, that can measure the tension of the spokes. Maybe one of those would be better?


Thanks guys. After looking around on line I can definitely agree that most every torque wrench I’ve seen has been ratchet type i.e. non spanner. I’m not a wheel builder at all, though I’m trying, so I’m going to just take my 36er wheel into the LBS to be rebuilt. After over a year of use w/o any issues I’ve suddenly broken 6 spokes (at the heads) over the last couple of months! And not even with heavy use. :frowning: I’ve already read the thread on this forum about this issue; probably a “loose wheel build”. I tried to work on it my self but all I did was break another spoke! I’m also going to try and rebuild it using brass spoke washers if I can find them… thanks for help.

I borrowed one from an LBS guy and now I just do it by feel - bearings snug on one side and pretty tight on the knurled side. With the buttons I tighten the inner nut until it stops turning and a just a hair tighter.