Torque on crank bolts?

I bought a “Yuni 24-inch MUni”, and am having problems with the crank arms moving. Anyone know what FT LBS. I should torque these babies to? I heard 80 LBS was about right… Yes, I also understand doing big drops as a 205LB. guy isnt the best thing…


U-Turn advocates 40 ft/lbs.

Shoot for 40 but feel free to err on the side of too tight.

I tested a suzue hub to failure around 90 (the threads stripped off then.

Here is a link to that thread

Try a little bit of grease on the tapers (the flat areas) and use some red Loctite threadlocker on the on the nut. Then tighten to 40 foot-pounds. You should be good. The Loctite will keep the nut from working loose. As long as the nut stays tight the crank should stay tight. That’s the reason for the Loctite.

If you continue to have problems then you may have a damaged taper either on the crank or the hub.

Are you using steel or aluminum cranks?

Someone elses answer/nuther thread

my kh hub/axle interface was loose. i could tell because the cranks dd not move independent of each other, but would move together when bolted down hard. Me and ObieOne fixed it, and so far it seems to be holding up like new! After a lot of thinking, some throwing, twisting, hammering, fumbling, and drinking of mountain dew, came up with the idea and way to take the axle out of the hub (without destroying everything). he used a block of wood and a hammer to knock out the axle, then hammered it back in in a different position. Everything is solid, and once again problems are solved at 3 am with a lot of soda and hammering.

Swing by after work and we’ll give it a shot. Then go ride!

Thanks for the info, Im new at this forum, post, ride on one wheel thing! I will let you guys know how it rides this weekend at our Muni ride!:smiley: