Toronto Unicyclists

Hey for all those unicyclists that attend the club, lets discuss thoughts and good times.

Im heading out in a minute…and am pumped to ride since I cant ride in the snow.


Wait, what?
There’s a Tornoto club?
I was in Toronto last week!

Why does no one tell me these things?

PS I was particularly impressed with the ROM.

You do realize that Darren Bedford is the founder, right?

You should have come

I would go if I had the transportation. Do you know anyone who would pass by my area to get there?
Perhaps someone from the Barrie area?

Hmmm dont know where Totenham is? People come from Barrie sometimes…and I cant really think of others…Call Darren and ask.


Anything else we should tell you, now that you’re thinking about it? Hmm, we don’t know where you’re going to go next. That explains the occasional threads people posst about “I’m going to this place. Can anyone meet to ride with me?” Too bad you didn’t get a chance to meet with the Toronto folks, great people.

I was just joking in my earlier post.

People should come! :stuck_out_tongue:


And I agree that Toronto folks are great people.

The barman at my hotel and I got on famously.

someone should visit if in the area…

Its Mondays and Thursdays…2 different locations, fairly close though.


ya but were do they meet?i could probly come somtimes. there is very little information about them on the internet.

Yeah ummm PM me about that…but you would have to join if you wanted to come…you could come once for free to see how you liked it.

but once you join there are partys so that when they order Pizza lets say its free and when you ride in a Parade you get $20 or $25 and there are like 4 or 5 parades a year so it pays off.


I’m contemplating whether or not to go out to the party, may not be in town. But yeah, great club. I’m just waiting for the flaming puck hockey to happen!

BTW. They really screwed up that side of the ROM, with that huge piece of “Modern Art”. Bleh.

Yeah, it kinda made my eyes water when I first saw it, but you sort of forget about it when you’re inside.

What was this about free pizza again?


Mondays and thursdays… Bleh. I work weekdays from 4pm-12:30am.
Doubt I’ll be able to make it there, unless they do something over Christmas.

club dates

hey everybody for any body planning on going to the club sadly the only club meeting left this year is next monday:( because the gyms we book are busy with christmas stuff:(

but ya there are a bunch of partys coming up most notably the 20 anniversary party which is going to be the greatest thing ever :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

anywho that’s about it


What are the fees for the club like?

fees? Like costs to join? $100 but then you go to a parade and get $20 or $25.


The fees used to be really low the past few years ($25), but this year insurance became an issue, and the price has since been raised (to about $100 for the year, I believe).

Ooh shoot, Isaac just posted. Never mind then.