Toronto Unicyclists?

I just moved to Toronto from Halifax - anyone know of any clubs or riders, or are you a rider in the Toronto area? I’m just getting to know the city so it would be cool to know where to ride!, we just started meeting weekly at a school gym at Bathurst and Adelaide Sts on Thursday night.

I would be up for a muni tour or distance ride as well

I see you have a Schlumpf, a distance ride it will be then.

I do freestyle as well, good to know there’s a website - I’ll check it out!

Hi Dave,
Count me in on any distance rides. Are you two up for anything this weekend?



Welcome to Toronto.
What area do you live in?:slight_smile:

Thanks! I’m living at St. Clair and Weston.

Carl, I think this weekend isn’t so good for me, but if weekends are better for you, how is your next weekend? I’d love to go for a ride soon!

I’m also thinking of stopping by the gym this evening to see if I’m into doing more freestyle, it’s been a while but I really enjoy it.

Hope to meet more of you soon!