Toronto Unicyclist website!

Hey All!
I guess this is mostly for members of the Toronto Unicyclist Club, or fellow Torontonians/ GTA’ians- But anyone can sneak a peak if they would like too!

Just want to let you guys know that the Toronto Unicyclist website has been remade! It is absolutly fantastic! I think Carl Hoyer did it (correct me if I’m wrong!)

Either way, all should check it out! And all the rides our up on the calender so there is no excuse not to see everyone there! Have a good one!
Thanks for the new awesome site!

Thanks. I am indeed the culprit responsible for the new site. It was time for an update and it’s now much easier to keep things up to date.

There will be a members (for Toronto Unicyclists only) section launched soon which will feature member profiles, a club roster, forums for organizing rides, the ability to submit news plus more to come in the future.

Anyone in Toronto or surrounding area should definitely come on out.


This is soo awesome, great! I’m so excited :slight_smile:

Awesome. It is full of content. I am working hard to get a day off in order to come check out one of the summer rides.

Good job Carl, and thanks Russ for posting.