Toronto Unicycling Club - 20th October '08 - lost camera

Had a great evening tonight at the Toronto Unicycling Club run by Darren Bedford.
Met lots of great people and had a right laugh.
Even managed to try my first giraffe ride (I made it all the way around the gym, honest! But you should have seen the dismount!)
I think I might have left my camera on the stage area somewhere.
If anyone finds it could they please let me know via a PM.
It’s in a black cloth case and it’s… um… silver.
That’s about as far as it goes with a technical description.
There should be pictures of the uni-basketball game on there.
And some pictures of me and my girlfriend.
(No, not THAT kind of pictures).

If anyone’s picked it up I’m here in Toronto until Thursday so I’d be able to drive by and collect it.


Panic over.
Thanks Darren.


Lost camera

Happy to hear you got it back, hope you enjoy Toronto. Was nice to get cool visitors to the club

Hiya Ben!
It was great to meet so many friendly unicyclists.
I’m still itching to go ride through the streets of Toronto.
Once I’ve got those 125’s on my 29 there’ll be no stopping me.

Then you should try and ride all the way to Ottawa!

But more seriously I’m glad you enjoyed yourself at the Toronto club, there are some great people there, and Darren is an awesome guy.

How long are you in Canada for?

Hey !!

I was there the night you were, and I thought I remember you from somewhere !

Do you remember me ? I was riding the giraffe for a bit aswell…

Anyway, it’s cool that I now know who you are !! :slight_smile:

Nice having you in Toronto.