Toronto Unicycle Competition and party !


The Toronto Unicyclists will be having their 20th Year Anniversary party
on Jan 12th-13th 2008

It will be a reunion for past members as well as current members.
Actually, all unicyclists are invited !

There will be…
a BC WHEEL competition
speed Trials competition
unicycle Hockey competition
unicycle Basketball competition
unicycle Skipping competition
unicycle Games
Variety Show
and much more !!!

We have clubs coming from the US and Canada.

The location and times are posted on the website at

Get your BC Wheels and Unicycles together and get ready to have a blast !

For instant information call:
Darren Bedford - 416-729-9696

There is also an open house for the newly expanded location of
BEDFORD UNICYCLES on Friday Jan 11th.

You will be impressed if you are able to attend !
Please e-mail me if you plan on stopping by the shop on Jan 11th at

There will be a super sale on at the shop this day only !
You won’t want to miss it.

Looking forward to this mega event,

Hey Darren…its Isaac from the Toronto Unicyclists…Orange KH20.

Looks good! I hope I can make it…so the supersale eh? At your shop or at the comp?

What kind of things will be there? Because ive got $35 but I might buy a digital camera…but maybe not now…so yeah what kind of things?

Looking forward to it.

Crap in a hat!
Three weeks ago I was a few hundred metres from that place!
Now I’m 4,500 miles from there!

My timing sucks.

Wish I could make it :wink: Happy B-day! :smiley:

:astonished: sounds sweet but toronto is a fair way away. im coming from battle creek so its a bit of a trek

is this supasale on at shop or comp daz?

I’m gonna try to get down there. Sounds like it will be fun.
Hey Darren, do you sell any 36ers?

Any restrictions like helmets, pedal protectors etc…?

If it’s free game I’ll try my hardest to make it there.

I just bought a bike frame, can’t afford a helmet…

no fear i got one for u to use Dan its a bright yellow, or u can use the one I use as a sticker book lol

Yeah I dont know at the club no one wears a helmet…kinda hard to say, give Darren a call.

So far me likey. I think the competitions are a great idea, I will definitely have to try to come out!

Emile come on you can go to Monotreal all the time…you and Hugo, and Antoine get to Toronto that day…You know you want to…


Sorry, but Toronto is way too far for just one day, plus there’s this Monotréal thingy. I just hope SOMEONE reserved the place ! :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe another time…but don’t worry, there’ll be a lot of us for OUI’08 ! Actually, yeah you should worry ! :smiley:


When/where? I might be able to make Montreal :smiley:

It’s at the indoor bike park Ugly Ass Bike, 1935 Rue de l’Église. We reserved (Actually, I’m still not sure if Benoit did…) from 9 'til 1 (It’s blocks of 4 hours) and it costs 20 bucks. I think you have to give your name to Benoit, so he can clear things up with the price (It might costs less if others come). You can see more details here.

Hope you can make it !


Things like this are why I wish I lived in North America. It’s got soul!

I’d like to see some nice vids and pictures from this event. Sounds like fun :slight_smile:

I’m so torn between these two events! If I can get some people to join me I will be in toronto definatly for the speed trials and the sunday stuff, but I don’t know about Saturday, I would have to book the day off work.

I’m going to try to make it. Could there possably be a street comp.?

Awesome Nathan, I hope I can make it…I want to see your Triton frame!

I plan on going to Toronto on Friday for the event. If there is anyone in Ottawa who wants to drive down with me, PM me.

Alright, so it’s 55 Pelham Avenue… What is the nearest subway station to that?