Toronto Trials Comp, Lucky???

Well, this weekend was a lot of fun. Good riding, good people to hang out with, and good times. However, i just found out, that it could have been a pretty bad day, had we simply chosen to have our comp further down on the rocks.

There were many police cars driving past, and everyone was afraid that they would kick us out, but they had something much bigger to deal with.

a little scary… how ruined would my day be if i had to make a section that went over a dead body! sorry, that was too far.


O man thats … I want to say hilarious but then I think of the person who died and I guess that really sucks. But still we were indeed very lucky.

I suppose it could have made an interesting line, and it would have been nicely defined by the police tape :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe we should have tried to get some police tape to mark off our lines XD

If you are still in Ottawa, and not swamped with midterms you should come out riding with us this sunday.

Wow that could have totally ruined the day.

I thought he was just being quiet while we made love

That would have sucked, except they found the body on the thursday before the comp.

and here we were running around whispering in everyone’s ear “if the cops come and ask what you’re doing, you just went on a trail ride and are now having a picnic!”