Toronto! (off topic)

A few things related to my city.

  1. anyone here from Toronto?
    2.Anyone going to wakestock in toronto?
    3.Anyone know good spots for unicycling/skateboarding
    4.Anyone here for some crazy reason live in toronto and go to humberside?

I’m from T.O.!!!

you can go visit Darren Bedford’s unicycle shop up on Keele near the 401. It’s a cool place. So many unis in such a small space!

whereabouts in TO are you?

High park area. closest itersection would be keel and humberside… if you know where that is

how old are you… im 14 soon to be 15 on sept. 1

im gonna asume you’re like twice my age

Duuuude, Ryan Atkins and Jeff Groves live in Toronto!! LUCKYYY!

i just turned 15, lol

i was just visiting relatives there (i’m in California now) and they lived in High Park area, are there any singletrack trails in there for muni?

they were right near bloor across from the park by the high park subway station

holy shit so do you live in t.o? just on vacation in california? and if you live in t.o what school you go to?