Toronto Events Upcoming

Hey, I need to know what Uni events are coming up in Toronto this summer. One of the guys I ride with has moved to Barrie and I want to drive up and meet him in Toronto for a ride or a Competition. I can’t seem to get on
Where do you post information about your weekend rides?

I had the same problem that you did when I went to T dot, I couldn’t find any information, if you realy want to get together with other riders then I would give Bedford a call and I’m sure he should be able to hook you up with some other riders.

i’m only 90 minutes from Toronto, shoot me an email when you go there, there’s lots of great trails in and around TO

there aren’t any events that i have heard about, although i’m not really in ‘the loop’ about their events

Hey guys,

I don’t think there are going to be any Toronto events this summer. There a possibility the Toronto unicyclists will organize a “mini meet” in falls. Although it seems kind of up in the air right now. It would most likely be a weekend and the events would most likely be things like a basketball tournament muni and probably a trials/street ride. If you want to know of things that are going on in the summer in Toronto email or phone Darren Bedford - he runs the Toronto unicyclist or check out the web site

I think I’ll order a coker then ride the 600 km that separate me from toronto and go for the trial/street ride… if there is one

You can hop in with me :smiley:

Thansk Jeff and others. I was finally able to log onto the website this morning, but I cn only do it when I use the link that Jeff gave me. If I type it straight into my browser, it doesn’t get there.

Anyway, I will find something on the site and see about going up. I will deffinately keep everyone in the loop and see if we can meet up with some locals for a ride. Thanks again everyone.

Ottawa guys…I need to come up for anouther ride over the next few weeks, so keep me in the loop for stuff up there too.

that’s because Jeff spelled it right :wink:

hahahahaha, ok, we definately have to ride together now.