Tornado chasin' on the new 29er

This is kind of a story of the “one that got away” but I thought a few of you might like to see some of the pictures.

I picked up my new GB4 chromoly 29er frame from the powder coater after work today and proceeded to assemble it when I got home. I snapped a few pictures and rode it around my driveway enough to say “Yup, it’s a keeper” at which point I went to work in my shop.

Today was a nasty hot, muggy day in Iowa and I had a feeling that a day like today might cook up a few storms. Around 8:40 I decided to take a break from boxing up UWs and saddled up the 29er.

I rode about a half mile north of my farm and noticed a long, skinny funnel cloud creeping up on the setting sun. I whipped a quick U-turn (not you David S.) and pedaled furiously back to my house and camera. On the way I noticed a half dozen storm chasers zooming up the gravel road I live on.

When I returned to the same point with my camera the funnel cloud had shrank to just a small stub but I snapped a photo anyway and turned around. Disappointed in myself for not riding faster on the new 29er I returned home and tried to photoshop in the cloud I had seen. If you couldn’t tell, I spent hours agonizing over the masterful recreation of the “one that got away”.

Anyway, about the new 29er…

  • nearly identical to Mojoe’s 29er
  • all 4130 chromoly construction
  • legs are ovalized 0.035 wall round tubing
  • bearing holders are machined
  • frame weight is unkown as I forgot to weigh it before I put it together. Pro/Engineer thought it weighed a little over 2 lbs.
  • total uni is super light, making for a quick/snappy ride
  • I have no plans for production, though if someone talked nice enough I might make one or two more.

It looks great George! It’s nice to see my 29er has a little brother now. We’ll have to introduce them to each other sometime and take them out for a ride.

See ya… Mojoe (29er addict… I can stop if I want to… really:D )

So when are we going to get a picture of someone riding away from a twister on a 29"er? Extreme unicycling!