Torkerdx Bearing Q. yet again

I know there has been threads on this before, but I still need help.I have a Torker DX, and the bearing mounts “Clang” or Jingle when i ride,Specificly when i hold onto the seat,like on a hill.They kind of pop on and off the bearings.THis means i should tighten them,but ive broken the bearings before because of that, and i dont want to tighten them to much.What Should I do?Will it hurt the bearings to have it to loose? or should i tighten them?the little sticker says "max torque 40 inch pounds’’ but i dont have a torque wrench,ive been to 2 bike shops in 2 citys and neither had a torque wrench.

The bearings kinda wiggle when i ride. is that bad or would tighting them be worse?there tight enough so i cant wiggle them with my hand.

I don’t know much about bearings, but about 3 years ago I got a Sears torque wrench…cheap and easy to use. (assuming that you have some snap-in heads for it). It’s great…you can torque everything just as they say. In fact, I drive people crazy when I insist on torque settings for unicycles where the instructions say “tighten the nuts” and nothing more. My only other experience is to be sure the bearings are seated correctly, sometimes when you change a tire, they go back in their seats a little crooked and that messes up everything. If you seat em nicely, and torque em…you should be ridin’ perfectly.


Yeah,I think the mounts are a little bit crooked, but they are seated okay and i cant get them on any other way no matter what i do.they still pop when i ride.

How Cheap is Cheap?Im only 14,my budgets limited.

Okay,I tighten them up,ride its fine fora minute then it gets loose and starts wiggling all over again!!
on one side crank is closer to the frame then the other side,but the bearings seem to be seated good and i cant get it on any other way.What’ll i do?

Try loctite.

uh,whats locktite?

I’ve got a Torker DX and have had problems with the bearings as well. I did use a torque wrench and tightened them to 40 in/lbs. and the wheel wouldn’t even turn. I tried 25 and then 15 in/lbs. and the wheel would turn but not smoothley. From there I just backed them off a little bit at a time until the wheel turned smoothley. Mine came with nylock nuts for the bearing caps. These are nuts that have a little bit of plastic inside in the thread area that is supposed to hold onto the screw and keep it from coming loose. If yours doesn’t have these you should take one of the screws down to the hardware store and get nylock nuts to fit it. They should be on the order of .30 cents a piece. Good luck.:slight_smile:

Here is how you fix the problem, 1. Tighten your cranks! REALLY nice annd tight, If your cranks put pressure on the bolt, it unscrews!. 2. There is no two that is the fix to your problem.

Yeah the same thingg happend to me, I have a permanent scar on my ankle because off that damn thing loosening. Oh well, poor ankle. Although I did ruin one of my bearings from overtightening it before, and if you got some new bearings for the dx, I’d love to hear where! As i’ve been ridding on a bad bearing for quite some time.

if i am correct what you are saying is the bearing mounts on the bottom of the uni are coming loose and I can tell you why. See if you tighten them too much the bearing will not spin properly and you run the risk of striping the threads inside the bearing holder. so either its because its a faulty torker or you might have striped the threads

You guys need to look closer at your problem.

Did you notice that the bearing holder was tightened against the axle …? Thus, the wheel wouldn’t turn …?

This was my situation.

You’ll need a file to file the points of contact on the holders.
I needed to do BOTH holders.
It only took a half hour or so to do the job.

Look at the holder and the axle. Look for paint scraped from the axel or holder. Lightly re-assemble to verify which side of the holder to file.

And, you’ll see that you can apply the proper snug ‘tension’ to the the ‘nutz’ after. (no tork wrench required)

well … did you fix it ?

I was five minutes away from ordering a torker dx.
Now I’ll wait.
My schwin has lasted a long time.
Will a torkerdx?

That’s why I ordered a DX, cuz’ I didnt want to ruin my POS by doing skills that would. (Cottered cranks) I like the DX. It was within my price range also. It’s seems sturdy enough, but I just got mine.

buy one it will serve you well

i love mine