Torker vs. Avenier

I was just at my LBS and they carry 24" Avenier (sp?) unis. Only
$100.00, but I was wondering how it campares to the Torker. It looks
like the same frame as the United Unicycles; round fork crown. I
realize they are both low end, but would there be any appreciable
difference, or should I just satisfy my impulse at the LBS.
Best regards,
Bruce Shannahoff

Bruce S.,

Just off the cuff, some of the main differences would be the Avenier’s rounded crown vs. the Torker’s flat crown, Torker would be better for one-footed skills which come sooner than expected for the new rider. I could be wrong but I believe both have the main cap bearing style bearing holders, and the other major difference is the saddle. Doesn’t the Avenier provide the Savage style saddle? The Torker saddle is nice, soft and shaped nicely, but is very small, child sized, and would require a saddle upgrade for the larger than a child rider. We recommend Torkers as the beginning uni for our club’s children members. I have recommeded other uni’s for adults depending on their abilities, interest, needs, and wallet.

Bruce E.

I bought a 2" Avenir to learn on. It has Lolly-pop bearing holders.

Obviously it’s low end, but mine has held up for going on 3 years now. I can’t see it taking much abuse, but I’m 170, and still hop what I can, a little more than a foot or so up, and I’ve dropped it about 2 feet. The seat isn’t too uncomfortable. But it’s no air seat, that’s for sure.

I’d get it if I were you…if you are a beginner. If you are already getting into trials or something, skip it and get something much more expensive.

I meant 20" Avenir!

If the Avenir has lollipop bearings, I would recommend getting the Torker which DOES have maincap bearings. As Bruce mentioned, the disadvantage is that it will require a seat upgrade.

GO WITH THE TORKER. That is my advice. Not only does it have a square fork frame and maincap bearings, my friend’s avenir’s crank totally broke on a 3 foot drop, while another friends torker has taken tons more abuse and is fine. The only noticable differences are the seats (initially). The torker has better padding, but isn’t as good for hopping. The avenir (my replacement saddle for my savage) is not comfortable to be riding for more than five minutes, and while is a better saddle for hopping, all in all the torker is a better option.
If you do go with the Torker, just make sure to keep all the bolts and screws tightend and i think it will be an excellent uni for you.