Torker Video

Hey guys,

I made a video for torker, so all these questions about the new 20" DX will be answered:)



Its pretty weird to see you ride a 20". The vid was pretty cool…so are you sponcored by torker and koxx now?

do you have gold primo tenderizers

yes and yes

I really like that video, it was nicely made, i liked the part with the stand still on the log, then jumping off, how high of a drop was that anyways? lol anyways it was nice seeing the DX in action.

I honestly dont think ive seen another vid with the DX being riden in it so this video makes it a first, and i think i like it more cause i own the DX and yeah, the whole seeing it on video me owning one type of connection somewhat fits in there

thought it was really sweet. I think to over did the jump up and put the wheel on the wall a little, BUt overall it was good.

i was lookin at the torker and man it was heavy

i have a torker, it is a little heavy, but i like it alot. sweet riding, amazing music. i’m checking out looptroop now.

finnaly a video that shows how weight doesnt matter… that much. but yeah i didnt know you were sponsered buy torker AND koxx. congrat’s.


It might be heavier than a comparable 20" from KH or Onza, but I think this video shows it to be as capable a machine, and also shows that the limitations are in the rider, not in the equipment. Nice riding as usual Justin, I liked the use of fisheye to accentuate tricks where you played to the camera.

One question: Do you always put your hand down for high seat out pedalgrabs? I can’t remember you doing so in defect, but I noticed it in this vid.


It´s always nice to watch your vids. Good riding as always, but I prefer your smooth 24" style riding.

it was also a funny surprise with some swedish rap music in there too.

The only thing I found negative was the über-fish eye. It made me feel a little sea sick.

the uni isnt that heavy, and yeah i like 24" way better, thats what im getting from koxx. And no i dont usually put my hand down for high pedal grabs but i did it before and i got lazy the next day cause i filmed over it, haha. And using the fish eye makes it easier for filming by yourself.