torker upgradability

i’m thinking about getting a nicer tire than the one that came with my torker, but i’m not sure if anything bigger than 1.75" will fit in the frame. anybody here know what a torker’ fork can accomodate? also, if i end up getting a new frame, how wide of a tire can the stock torker rim hold?

I have put a 2.25 on a Torker Unistar before and it still had a good amount of room. You SHOULD be able to fit a 2.5 on it but don’t hold me to that…it’d be real tight.

Which torker? 20" or 24"? Chrome or black(stealth)?

I’ve got a 2.125 on a 24" stealth torker. The clearance between the tire and frame is now just over 0.25" inch per side. So a 2.6 with a similiar cross section might just barely fit. A 2.6" with a flatter tread (or taller cross section) would rub the frame.

The tire I have has a mild off-road tread (not knobby), and a fairly round cross section. The stealth torker frame begins narrowing just above the widest point on this tire. So with a wider tire, the tire cross section going to be critical.

If you can trial fit a tire at a bike shop, you might try a 2.5 and see if you’re happy with the clearance. I’d be interested to hear what you learn.

it’s 24" and chrome. also, it seems that the right fork is longer than the left, making the wheel sit crooked. now that i think about it, i’ll probably get a new frame before i upgrade the wheel. and when i upgrade that, i’ll get a new wheelset. i’ve already a dent on the rim, and the only thing i’ve dropped off of are curbs, and i’ve always rolled out of them. if i’m going to get a nicer tire i’ll need a nicer wheelset

I don’t know what your financial situation is and I’m under the impression that your uni doesn’t get a lot of abuse. I’d suggest looking into a Black Torker Unistar. That way you get a 48 spoke wheelset with an alloy rim and a new frame with a good saddle for a small amount of $$

remember that a 20x2.5 tyre is actualy a 19x2.5 tyre and wont fit on a regular 20" rim. you`ll need a special trials rim.

they just make the numbers up anyway so the actual size isn`t the same as the numbers on the tyre.

id guess though that youll probably fit a 2.1 primo “the wall” tyre in the torker frame.

go to a bike shop and tell them you want the fattest tyre you can get in your frame.