Torker Unistars Question

I’m a begining unicyclist who needs a unicycle. I’m probably going to get a torker of one kind or another, because it’s the only thing I’m can afford. My question is, what are the differences between the 2006 CX, CX SE and the LX? I’ll mostly just be riding around until I get better at unicycling, but in the future I’d like to try muni stuff, so I’ll probably get a 24-inch. Which should I buy?

Thanks for any info!


The 2006 CX and CX SE are the exact same thing but the SE comes in a special edition color. The LX is the next step up. You should definately get the LX, the CXs are pretty bad.

torker lx 24" is what you should get.

Yep, The Torker LX is what your gonna want to get, it will hold up for a long time, is great to learn on, and the 24-inch will be a lot better when you start doig your muni =p

If your intention is to get into a muni you might just want to consider the Torker DX 24. It might be a bit tougher to learn on but once you get the hang of riding you would have a Uni that you could take off road without having to purchase another unit. Although it will cost more than the CX or LX it is probably the best bargain out there as far as a Muni is concerned.

yeah i learned to ride on a DX 24". I didnt have any problem with the weight or the knobby tire. Im sure it easier with a non MUni, but its not a big deal. If you are really looking into MUni get the DX

get something splined if you ride alot youll need one before you know it i started with an lx in january and in mid march i broke 2 cranks and the hub a dx is a good choice

lx is chill. It will hold up for all you need. I used mine for trials, muni and up to 4 ft dropes.

dropes?? thats hot!

I agree with Harley. Go ahead and get an 06 DX. I have the 04’ DX and wish I had an 06’. I am in the process of putting a different frame on mine to accomodate a wider and bigger tire.(Duro Wildlife).
You also may want to consider the 20 in CX now, and the 24 in DX later. That way you always have a 20" for practicing new skills on, and the DX for MUni!

the CX is THE WORST uni on the planet. they should stop making it. The LX is very good though. I’m not sure about the 24" ones but the 20" ones r awesome.


Off topic, but red_rider, you will most likely also need a wider rim, keep that in mind

I just bought my unicycle torker lx 20’’ three days ago. Torkers are very good i like their seats on them and just the hole thing definetly go with a torker lx oh very easy to learn on took me 3 days to get riding long distance

my 2.5 cents

If you’re interested in going muni but have yet to learn how to ride get a DX and plastic pedals so you don’t hurt yourself while learning tto ride.