Torker Unistar tranformation

if you buy a Steath torker for $89 dollars and then buy

a Sem long neck frame=$65

Miyata post=$15

primo seat collar $5

total $174

this makes quite a nice freestyle uni, and you get a 48 spoked wheel and a Miyata seat too.this also comes out 1 dollar less than the standard long neck Sem.

a Stealth Torker is 54.99 wholesale,imagine the possibilities.

rims, spokes and hubs are also cheap wholesale, and cost almost nothing different for a 36 vs a 48. with a cheap torker frame a decent uni can be built up quite cheaply for employees…

the wholesale issue is just a side note.

the main point of this thread was that it seems to worth it to buy a Stealth Torker at retail just for the wheel and seat.

since the black Miyata seat isnt even availible seperatly it makes all the better.

i for got to metion that the Sem XL long neck frame comes with a seat collar so its $169

“imagine the possibilities” meant,if i had a unicycle store i would be buying truckloads of those things and parting them out.

Is the black hub used on the Stealth Torker hardened like the Suzue hub? Is it as strong as the Suzue hub?

It’s a very good deal if the hub is strong enough.

Something else to consider would be a wheel tune up to tighten all of the spokes on the stock wheel. The mass produced machine built wheels always need the spokes tightened by hand before the wheel is ready for hard use.

oh geez,

i know that Daino broke his hub but that was while doing trialz stuff.

i dont know if it is as strong as a Suzie or not but for freestyle? sure why not.

as for the trueing thing,my Torker wheel has been true ever since Unibrier handed it to me, since its a 48 spoked hub i think that adds to the “factory” trueness quota…

let me put it this way.

you know that scene in The Good the Bad and the Ugly when Tuco Benedito Pacifico Juan Maria Ramirez (known as the Rat) comes out of the desert and go’s to the gun shop?

well he does’nt just buy a gun,he takes a 3 or 4 guns apart and puts together a much better 45LC with only the good parts.

alot of the time unicycles are the same way,they have to be stripped down to a carcass and rebuilt.