torker unistar opinion

What is your opinion on a Torker Unistar CX 20"? Give me ALL the info you have, please. :slight_smile: Is it too weak? Good? I am using it for just street riding and about 6" drops on curb dropping. What do you think?

I think that one comes with a really gross seat. Spend a few dollars more and get the LX.

Ive never ridden either, but from what i hear, if you want to do trials definitely dont get it. If you plan on doing drops over a couple feet than its probably not a good option. But the LX may be a reasonable option for you because you are 10 years old. And you most likely dont weigh too much. How much do you weigh?

I think it will withstand 6 INCH drops just fine :slight_smile:

I have one and have done many 8-10 inch drops off of curbs on it. I am 170lbs and haven’t hurt it a bit. If you get into trials, you may want something more stout. I think it is a solid starter uni. I still use it for fooling around indoors, but have upgraded to a Summit(which is no longer available) for outdoors. If you want something inexpensive to learn on and wear out, this is a good deal.

I’ve just recently started unicycling (a few months) and I learnt and still use a Torker… In fact… I’ve only ever tried a few other unis so my opinion probably doesn’t count for much.