Torker Unistar LX Seat Mod Pictures

The insides of my thighs were getting chafed and bruised from learning
to ride on my Torker LX 24". I’m sure a lot has to do with the fact that
I am learning, but when I reshaped the seat, the problem went away
(probably partially because I’m riding better, but I know it is mainly
because the reshaped seat is so much better).

Here are pictures of the process.

Before Pics.

Remove the plastic bumper.

Open the metal clips with a screwdriver.

Untwist the wire and carefully pull off the front of the seat cover.

Peel back the front of the seat cover (keep thin foam layer w/ the cover)

Make progressive cuts working towards desired shape.
Easier to cut in small steaps than to put foam back.
Silicone can be used to glue errors back.

Tuck foam into seat cover.

Stretch seat cover over seat base and tuck beaded edge into clips.
Tie the tension wire (twist it) and tuck it under the edge.
Close clips with pliers and reinstall the bumper. I used loctite (also
put loctite on the other nuts while I was there)

Here’s the finished results.

Here is before and after (my son’s seat is still unmodified)

I followed that up with a terrycloth seat cover…

I later duct taped a neoprene mouse pad on over the terrycloth
and then finished it off with a layer of synthetic red satin to give
it a nice slippery finish (also held on with duct tape).

I am really satisfied with how much it has reduced the chafing and
bruising (almost eliminated both) of the insides of my thighs. And it
has a trashy-classy look to it (IMHO).

I’ll have to get a picture of it to show what I ended up with. :wink:

Pretty cool! I have the same seat on my Torker AX. Not so comfortable.

That looks like the seat on my learner uni. If only I modified the seat learning would have been more comfortable!:frowning:

Here are the pics of the final configuration.
You can’t see it, but there’s a neoprene mouse pad held in
place with electrical tape underneat the red satin cover.

The layers of yellow duct tape act as sacrificial layers to protect
the thin cloth.

I’m quite happy with the end result - it may be ugly,
but it’s far more comfortable.

Ronald McDonald’s prosthetic leg?

You sir, are an artist.