Torker Unistar LX hub replacement

I have a Torker Unistar LX that I bent the axle on by doing a 1 foot tall drop. I have a Sun Classic, which uses the standard unicycle hub, but the Torker requires a narrower hub than the Sun. Where can I get a replacement hub for the Torker that is more narrow. It would also love it to be stronger than the original hub.

If your doing drops it sounds like your ready for a good muni or trials unicycle that is purpose built for that abuse. Instead of spending the money on a hub and a wheel build, put that money toward a better uni. There are some good deals on used ones out there I have bought several used over the years.


The cost of a narrow hub (assuming it’s 92mm) is $100 on UDC US and has isis interface so different cranks would be another expense. I partially agree with Bug72 here that you should look into a more rugged unicycle but I can’t fully agree because I have taken a Club 24” off of about a dozen picnic tables and a few stair sets and pretty much done everything it’s not made for but it is still within about 2 millimeters of tru and no hub issues so if you can find one of those for cheap it might be worth a try. Also there is the big ol’ persuader(hammer) to straighten the axle and then just take it easy until you get replacement hub or new unicycle.


I’d just try and unbend it and if that doesn’t work then see if you can’t find a parts unicycle or somebody with a spare hub. Just hold on to it until you find the stuff to Frankenstein it together. There’s no point in upgrading it with new parts.

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I can tell you from personal experience if you straighten the bent axle and try to ride, it will break off next time. I bent mine hopping and straightened it, went back out and was just doing a standing stall and it just snapped off. I agree it’s not cost effective to try to repair it. I ended up moving up and buying a Nimbus mountain uni and have not regretted it one bit, it is heavier and that took some getting used to but the difference in what I can do with it VS the torker is amazing. well worth the extra $$ for a better Uni.


A parts unicycle would be smart if you want to salvage it. I see used torkers under $ 100 often although they are mostly cx models.

I thought the lx had an issis hub.

Planning on replacing the hub altogether.

I do not like bending parts or frames, because it is never perfect.

I would like to try modding my current Torker unicycle before I get an entirely new unicycle. I’m gonna take the frame into the shop today along with the wheel and see what they can do. I bought the unicycle slightly used for a $100 from that shop.