Torker Unistar Dx?

Other trials uni’s are about 11-12 lbs, there a huge difference.

No way. The only other muni I can find weight on is the KH and its only a pound lighter.

I was sure you were talking about trials uni’s.

The hub is crap. Anyone I have ever heard had a DX had hub problems.
I own a DX so i know, Its my main uni.

Apparently you haven’t heard me. Two DX hubs, zero problems. One is off of an old dx owned by my friend (abused beyond belief) and the other was on the newer model dx that I got in Nov. 2005. Both are still in working order.

The DX is awesome for how little it costs.

if you have messed up the hub that’s 3 people who have.
i used to ride one, they are not worth it now that the nimbi have proved themselves worthy of hardcore riding.

+1 The nimbus only cost like 50 dollars more for street and trials.