Torker Unistar Dx?

Should i buy a Dx for trials? im quite advanced and i dont do much drops but for at leeast 5-7foot drops

2-5 foot drops srry

The dx is a tank, go for it and you’ll be fine.

it is very not light so i wouldn’t use it for trials.

The cranks are way to short. Get the nimbus isis with kh cranks in 137, that is what you want for some serious trialing.

^Agreed. I kept seeing threads about how awesome the DX was, but then I realized that those reviews were all from a few years ago. Nimbus ISIS Trials with Moment cranks is definitely the way to go.

I think both should be fine. Only have to worry about the frame on the torker which has given people some problems.

that was 2 years ago … all fixed now.

dx is a great uni, but the nimbus isis owns it for most ppl

The Torker DX is a piece of crap! Had one for 3 days, Did a 2ft drop and smashed a bearing+you can’t get replecement bearings! CRAP!!!

I would definately not get the DX. My friend has one and its insanely heavy!!! Try to get the leghtest Isis unicyle possible.

im starting to like my 24" DX For Muni, I’m no weight weenie, and it works fine, ( 06’ DX )

I ride a torker DX, but I wouldn’t recommend it for trials; the cranks are too short in my opinion. The weight doesn’t seem that bad to me, but I’ve replaced a bunch of parts on mine (plastic pedals, LX frame + seat). It’s not an awful unicycle, but there are definitely better ones on the market for your money.

It sounds like you either had defective bearings, or you overtightened the bearing clamps. I’ve had mine for almost three years and the bearings are perfectly happy. UDC does have some replacement bearings, but they are kinda pricey:

yeah ive got the same… its a good uni…weight doesn’t really bother me…although trials is a completely different thing

Well they are almost impossible to come across in Australia But Thankyou. :slight_smile:

lightest unicycle=most easily broken unicycle(excluding KH)
don’t be a weight wuss. THe DX is a great uni… and if you can’t handle it, you will be able to later.

but now the Nimbus is back, so i would go with that.

i broke mine so i am getting a new one this week :slight_smile:

Torker DX’s are not impossible to come across in Australia ‘Wish I was Smashed!’ Pretty much every bike shop can get them in!

And are they any good for freestyle?

Heck no, if I were you I’d get a Nimbus Street X or something similar for freestyle. In the US the nimbus Street is only like 45 dollars more and is well worth the extra money. My friend had a Torker DX and I can tell you the three or four pound loss I got from my uni was very noticable.
Go Isis not splined.

I’ve got a torker DX which I love. I’m saving up for a 20in KH but this torker has lasted 5 years of intense street and muni action. A couple friends of mine own nimbus’ and they have all busted within a year. Torker DX=great multipurpose uni.

I am also interested in the Torker. They say they are 17lbs how much lighter are the other uni’s? For the price it seems like it cant be beat.