Torker Unistar DX tire PSI question ...

how much air should be in a torker unistar dx trials tire? i want enough so i don’t dent the rim but not so much i can’t jump … please answer as soon as you can.

So this is what you got for your Birthday! Congrats…

The tire pressure is pretty much all a amatter of prefernce…Play around with the different pressures till you find one you like. I run about 22-25 in my tire but some people run as high as 35 or as low as 15psi.

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i keep mine closer to 16-18 and it rarely bottoms out, it sometimes does but im assuming im a lot bigger than you. i like it lower because its easier to compress on prehops.


It all depends how much you weigh also… just play with it.

As always, enough to keep the rim off the ground, plus whatever else makes it ride the way you like.

I weight 170 pounds, my pressure stays at 30psi.

wait, if you are talking about the K-rad i ride w/ 40 psi and i bottom it out ALL the time (I weigh btw 120 & 130)

I believe she said Torker DX Trials tire…Not Torker DX splined Freestyle tire.

i had it at 10 and it was looking really soft so i had the guy pump it up to 35 which was the lowest recommended psi on the tire. it was rock hard! i now have it somewhere betweeen 10-20 psi.

Yeah, you want to find a good balance, where it isnt too squishy that it feels really slugish well you ride, while keeping enough air in there to have a good riding pressure while mainting a nice compression while not bottoming out.

Keep experimenting with pressures, youll find the right one really soon.

it’s recommended up to 35psi, but run mine around 25-27. I run it higher than most trials rider.

I run strictly 30psi on my tire, it will get to about 25 before I fill it up again, but I try to always keep it at 30.

All you have to do is pump it up until its really hard then let some air out, test it and if its still too hard then do it again. Repeat until its comfortable. Thats what I do, I never have any idea about the psi of my tires I just know they feel good.

i ride 25psi as softests and 35psi hardest… but then im 80kg and ride urban very hard (big hops/drops etc) so need enough pressure for my riding/weight

I completely agree w/ that method

w/ a trials tyre try aroud 15-25psi

what I’ve found works well on my trials is about 1 psi per 10 pounds of body weight. I weigh about 74 pounds and I keep my trials at 6 to 8 psi, depending on terrain. Like spencer said though, put enough in the it feels good. If you bottom out every once in a while it should be ok.