Torker Unistar DX 24-inch

How is the Torker Unistar DX 24-inch for Off road? I’m thinking about buying one, since it is almost half as cheap as the 24in KH.

get…a nimbus w/ kh cranks
though I’m not sure if they’re in stock right now, last time I checked they weren’t but that was a while ago

I have no experience with anything but my own 24 inch LX, which I’ve barely just learned to ride.

In any case, there will be a price difference for a reason. It’s very unlikely to measure up to a KH, although it really depends on what you need and want in a unicycle.

Everyone says that the DXs are heavy and strong. Surely, if price was a very important factor, then a DX could be justified over a more expensive (and likely superior) product.

Oh right.
DEFFINITLY wait for the Torker 09. I’ve heard it’s the shiz

Well I ride a 20in torker DX for street riding so I’m used to the tank like features. I just wanted to make sure the 24in DX isn’t a bad purchase.

The 24" Torker DX is an awesome muni. If Evan hadn’t hooked me up with my Large Marge I’d definitely still be riding the Torker muni. For some crazy reason it definitely feels a lot lighter than the 20" version. I’ve had both in my hands and the 24" feels lighter, it wasn’t just me either. The others I was with said the same thing. The 24" had metal petals too and the 20" had plastics.

the two things I like the least on my 24" Torker DX is the ridiculously heavy frame and I find the DX32 rim a bit skinny. It is fine with the 2.6" tire but not so great with a 3" wide MUni tire

For the price and what you get, the DX is awesome. The 24" DX was my first uni, and I rode it on and off-road for a year and a half before I got my first Coker.

It’s pretty durned heavy, but it does – at half the price – all the things the more expensive unis do. If you’re looking for a uni on a budget, a DX is great. Mine was stolen in December, so I got a KH24 and do like it a lot more (just because it’s so light), but if I still had my DX I’d still be in love with the little thing to this day. The thing is a beast of a uni, and it’s cheap!

I do notice that the rim is a bit skinnier than the rim on my KH24, and I did notice that it made side hopping and hopping on slants easier on the KH24, but not $250 easier.

I ride a 20" and my friend rides a 24" DX for muni, and they both work wonders. I like the DX’s for muni because they’re basically bombproof. You could probably drop it off a cliff and it’d still survive. It is a bit heavier than others, but I don’t really mind because it’s never broken anything and it’s always been super reliable. I’d go for it if I were you