Torker Unistar DX 20"

YAAAAAAAAAAAAY Im finally getting a new uni its the Torker Unistar DX 20", I dont like the frame or tyre but im gunna put on my kh fame and alexrim DX 32 with the luna 2.5 its gunna be a sweet ride

    [IMG]C:\Documents and Settings\My Computer\Desktop\Evan	orker.jpg[/IMG]

Wait, so what are you keeping stock on this uni?


By the way, i have a Unistar DX, and wish i could add the rim and frame you are! :smiley:

wait… Why don’t you just get KH hub and crankarms? You already have a Frame, and rim…

$120. You save $ and you get a stronger hub. Will the DX hub even fit the KH? The DX is not a 2.5". It’s 2.125"
$66 for the KH cranks too.
$242 for the entire wheelset.

How much are you spending on the DX?

why would i get kh cranks? It has splined

and the price depends… i get it almost half price 'cause my mom works at a bike shop

You have to get matching hub and crank arms. The profiles aren’t compatible with the onza or KH for example.

The only reason I suggest the KH hub and arms is because it will be stronger than the DX. It is splined but from what I’ve heard it won’t be as strong. In any case it hasn’t been as thoroughly proven. :slight_smile:

I only weigh 78 pounds eh?

78 pounds? you don’t need splined at all!

I would just make sure you can fit the DX hub on the KH frame.

well i bent my other cranks and if the Dx dosnt fit with kh then i’ll leave the torker on