Torker Unistar DX 20-inch Trials

Bought a year and a half ago (2006 model). Pedal and cranks fairly scratched up but the unicycle has no flaws other than aesthetic. Paid 239.99 new asking $100 canadian plus shipping. Sorry no photos of the thing right now as it is at my parents house. Imagine a stock torker unistar dx with scratched cranks and pedals. Lemme know.


How much would it cost with shipping to the US to 99205?

I estimated the package size but it looks like it would be $50 for the 8 day service

Anyone needing a cheap splined setup - this is totally an awesome deal.

Yes especially if you live in Canada. Because other wised you get nailed with DUTY! GRRRR! Its a great unicycle a tad heavy but i only felt that with Rolling hops…Very good deal!

Yeah if I wasnt so far away i would have bought this up.

wait why do you want one?
cause if i remember correctly from moab you(and people you were with) had like 5

its for someone he rides with…or something…he has a KH


What is the location in canada.

It would be for one of my friends. He is looking for a cheap splined uni, and this is in his price range, even with the shipping.

Ill tell him about it once he gets home from school.


sold and ill go right to your door step if my mom wants

mabey not bu i am close… :roll_eyes:

nah … next time

How much for shipping to 72712?

read up and check yourself there is a link above to the canada post website

does that mean you want it?

nope…not yet tho

sent you a pm

Want it if you have it

Im intristed in it. Ican come get it on the first of the month. let me know

if you still have

I will take it. I can pick it up.