Torker Unistar DX 20-inch Trial ups and downs of this unicycle

I am soon hoping to by a Torker Unistar DX 20-inch Trial and since I am new too unicycling can anyone that has owned a Torker Unistar DX 20-inch Trial tell me the ups and downs of this unicycle

Like I just told you 20 minutes ago in your room which advice you decided not to take I’ll tell you again.

  1. Rim=less wide
  2. Less customizable
  3. Heavy (doesn’t really matter skill wise)

well i am asking other people there thoughts besides you don’t even own one, but thanks for all your help so far.

I have one and I actually like it a lot…I’ve just gotten used to it. I considered buying a new uni but after a while I decided the DX does just fine. I can jump pretty high on it and nothing has broken yet…besides the pedal…I would definitly get one if I were you…

the alex dx rim pwns.
plenty customizable, you cant put most rims on the hub though.
frame blows.
heavy. but who cares. except for the wieght weenies.

get the nimbus trials though.
for the same price you are getting a better overall unicycle.
if you have the money get the KH cranks as an upgrade. makes it better in every way without a doubt

thet are good unicycles the frame is a big big i kepr getting my shin on it so i repalced the frame with a nimbus round top they are a good unicycle to get inot trials with i would recomend it

I am getting a DX it should be here this week…

DX is a good Uni can take a beating and keep going for a good price. This place has it for less than other places.

the alex rim may pwn but it’s not as wide as KH or Nimbus’s…

He would get a Nimbus ISIS Trials but he sucks with money so he’s probably gonna have to get a DX in the $150 range and there’s not the best chance he’ll be finding a Nimbus ISIS Trials anytime soon…

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true very true:)

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even though its not wide, it is a fine rim. Just get used to it, and youll barely fold with it. Besides, look at how many people rode a Alex DX32 rim, and still do.

I trust the strength of my Alex rim more than my Kh 07 rim.

DX is a great uni. I took many 8 (and lower) sets from me, and I weigh around 190lbs. Did lots of drops too, daily there were drops from 2-5 feet, and then quite a few 6-8 foot drops too. It was also crashed down muni trails, stairs, ledges.

After a year of hard abuse the right crank finally started to wiggle. Its still rideable, and all I have to do is tighten the bolt really good and it wills stay tight for a week. Im sure some locktite would keep it from coming loose. Doesnt help that I stripped my pinchbolt, so that probably has more to do with it than the drops.

They used to have a frame problem, but that has been fixed now, so you shouldnt have to worry about the frame breaking.

The seat isnt the best, but all you have to do is cut it down. I didnt do this until I rode SIF. For me, the seat felt awesome for distance and anything Seat-in, but just a tad too big for SIF.

ok guys thanks for the help any of you know where i could get one for around $150-$160 used?

here is the link to my [wanted]dx topic if you have one you are willing to sell or know you will sell it later

i think I figured out why the dx frame is so big… i got mine today, and I noticed brake mounts… maybe torker is saving money by using the same frame for the 20" dx and the 24" dx?

I have had a Torker DX for about two years now. I love it so much! But, there are some things that were a little frustrating. The bolts under the seat are constintly going loose and need re-tightning, and the (I don’t know what it’s called) side of the crank attatched to the hub/axle lost the little plastic washer which held the little bolt in place, so it kept inching its way off, and would cut up my ankle pretty bad (sorry if that makes no sense). I eventually got it super super tight on there and havn’t had any problems since. It is a little heavy, and it is not a very good unicycle for learning flat land tricks, but that might be just me and my panzieish attitude at trying new stuff. Anyway, I would definatly recommend it, and good luck!

A 24" wheel won’t fit in the DX 20" frame.

Plus, the break mounts wouldn’t line up then.

I lightened mine by cutting the legs of the frame down and re-welding it, as well as grinding the brake mounts off.

It is a good uni, I learned up to 25inch hops roughly with it, still practicing getting those consistent and precise. I took it off 4foot drops many times, hit rim alot, and nothing was ever wrong. The wheel is still true. Overall it is a fantastic uni, but the nimbus trials is a tad better so get that. If you are getting the dx like already ordered it you will not be disappointed.

you can get one here at The Unicycle Shop for less than other places

I just got my 20" DX last week and I like it alot. The bolts under the seat were lose but I tightend them. So far it has been very good. The seat is very nice it’s alot better than the LX seat.

great unicycle very sturdy i did a nine foor drop on mine, no lie i got people who saw it and i got one of the attempts on youtube. i did not get the landing cause my friend deleted it but whatever. either way it is a strong unicycle i love it


tire clearance, i can fit my arm in the gap between the frame and the tire

non isis hub

weighs more than me (not really) its just really heavy (note you wont notice this if its all you ride, your body will adjust)

Creepy Crawler

hard to upgrade




allright, thats it, but if i were you i would get a nimbus isis trials, cheap and beastly, with more upgrading options