Torker unicycles

Just wondering what the differences were between the lx, dx, cx, and
ax models of Torker unicycles.


CX- cheapish looking version, thinner tire than the LX, skinnier seat than the LX. Minimal cost difference, avoid it and go for the LX or better.

LX- decent unicycle for normal riding. Seat is not the most comfortable. Cranks are “square taper” or “cotterless”, meaning you shouldn’t do a bunch of jumping on them. Stronger wheel, fatter tire, better seat than the CX.

AX- Aluminum frame version for lighter weight.

DX- Splined-hub version for more hopping and offroad stuff.

Of these four, I’ve got the CX and LX. It looks like they just sourced these from different factories and slapped the Torker name on them- they look completely different.

Cx is very basic, and is only good for begginers learning how to ride or people who don’t spend much time riding and just want to cruise around a little bit. It’s weak and the saddle is uncomfortable, but fine to learn on.

The LX has a better seat and is generally better and stronger then the CX all around, although not a whole lot.

The DX is a gigantic step up from all the other models. It has a “real” seat, it is many, many times stronger and will withstand extreme muni or trials drops and any other abuse. If you are going to do any kind of rough riding, then all aspects of the DX are better and stronger then the other models. It’s very strong for the Price.

The AX is a lot like the LX, but has a light aluminum frame and is ment more for distance/cruiser riding. It also comes in 29" wheel size, which is ideal for distance riding and speed. The LX only comes in 20", 24", and 26" wheel sizes.

Generally, the bigger the wheel, the faster you can go and the better it is for distance and so on.

Fixing the seats

One of the minor downs with Torkers is a non standard seatpost. You need to buy a new seat post if you want to use a KH seat.

I bought an AX 29 recently. It looks well made considering the price. I discovered that a KH seat post fits the AX perfectly, so I have a free ride saddle on it. The stock seat isn’t so comfortable.

The dx series uses a strange, unique bearing size, that only UDC sells, for 30 $/pr. They are on the heavy side, I think it’s better to go KH for trials or jumping stuff.

For general riding around and light muni, the ax seems strong enough. It’s extremely light, easily worth the small extra cost over an lx. Also, cranks and hubs are very cheap compared to splined, so if I do bust something it will be a cheap lesson.

I bought my ax at this site. It came in a week, all fine. I picked them because they had the best price, once you factor in the free shipping.

Re: Torker unicycles

I really like the 24" dx that my buddy is letting me borrow but, I
think I’d prefer a 20". I also don’t like the off-road tire that comes
on it. How hard would it be to find a different tire for it? Would I
just be able to take it to a bike shop and have them switch it out?
Sorry for the simple questions. I’m really new to unicycling and
haven’t owned a bicycle in about 20 years so, I’m kinda green.


19 and 20 "

This size category can be a little confusing, there are 2 rim diameters, and they aren’t compatible.

The 20 " size is the most common, and the only size you will find in USA bike shops. These tires are usually not as fat. If the tire looks smooth and narrow, and they aren’t calling it a trials uni, it has this common 20 " size.

The 19 ", or trials size, is actually made for mod trials bikes. Trials bike shops are rare here. Maybe there is 3 in the whole country. You can buy these from online uni shops. The unis that use these, like the KH 20 trials, aren’t called 19 " unicycles, so it can be a bit confusing.

There is no reason to get a trials tire uni unless you want one. They are much more expensive and heavy, maybe a bit harder to turn. Buying a different crank size costs several times as much. Their only real advantage is for hopping and jumping. Buy a much cheaper cotterless uni, and put a KH seat on it. Later on, when you feel you are ready and want to jump and bash, buy a tougher trials uni. I would say an ax 20 with a KH seat would be a Cadillac.

If you are short on money, I would skimp on the uni , but still buy the KH seat. The only way to get good and have fun with uni is to sit on it a lot, and
some beginner unis come with seats that are hard to sit on for long.

24" tyres aren’t terribly common for bikes, your bikeshop will have some but probably not a huge selection. A tyre like the hookworm is very smoothe rolling, good on road and moderate off road, and available in 24". If you’re going to be getting in to cycling I would suggest you learn how to change a tyre, get a tyre and some tyre levers online, find a good tutorial (try and go for it.

Somehow I answered the wrong question

Can you put a smooth tire on a 24 dx ?

Yes. All 24 " tires fit the same rim diameter. If you have a trouble with a 24 " tire, it’s usually from trying to put a fat tire on a skinny rim, frame clearance can be to small.

Putting a skinnier smooth tire on a 24 dx should be easy. I bet any smooth bike tire would fit fine.

This is true of the LX and AX, which use the bolt pattern from the old Miyata seats and seatposts. The DX seat/seatpost have the same bolt pattern as the KH seat.

Also, and this is hugely nit-picky and probably useless info (just for the sake of accuracy), but there are at least 2 ISO rim sizes that use tires labeled as 24", and they’re not compatible. One uses fractional numbers to describe tire width (like 24 x 1 3/4), and isn’t found except on older unis (a 24" Schwinn I picked up used had this size tire/rim). The other uses decimal numbers (24 x 1.75), and even though it seems they should be the same, they aren’t–not even close. But in practical terms, if you needed a 24 x 1 3/4 tire, it would have to be special ordered; bike shops wouldn’t carry that size any more, I suspect.

ive always wanted to know the differnce between lx cx dx and ax and stuff but i just didnt get around to asking.

I have an older torker “unistar”, and a kris holm 24 MUni; but I need a trials unicycle, oh yeah, I’m a penny-less high school kid. so my debate is between:

  1. nimbus 20" trials, upgraded to KH moments
  2. the newer torker DX, (the beefy looking red/black one.)
    which should I get?
    in other words, is the DX good enough for medium trials and street?

I’d go with the DX. My friend has a nimbus that he doesn’t like very much, and he says that mine is alot better. I love my DX :slight_smile: its held up to alot of big drops without any problems. The only thing i can think of is that the seat is a bit bulky, so I’d think of maybe getting a different seat, but its not essential if you don’t want to.

Both the CX and the LX say “Unistar” on them, so that’s not a model designation- I guess just an additional brand designation.