Torker Unicycles

Just wondering if anyone has had any frame breaks with that gusset they added to the crown on the dx models.

and has anyone snapped any dx cranks yet? or axle? cause i havent, just wondering guys.


I had the 2006 frame, so the frame snapping was a given.

I think I have had it for about a year now, and that is the only thing that happened to it. Cranks are perfect still, hub is still good, spokes are still good, rim is just barely out of true. Seat and seat post are still holding great.

I do have a feeling I am gonna brake my seat base soon though, but that happens on any plastic base.

I can honestly say, i haven’t snapped anything on my DX including the frame. I’ve given it a beating but and it still begs for more. :smiley: :smiley:

good stuff guys…anything weird that happens i’d love to hear about it so drop me a pm anytime.


I did break the pedals, but that was about 4, maybe 5 weeks ago. I liked the wellgos though, good size, good grip, and lasted pretty long with all the grinds, pedal grabs, and wrecking I do.

I haven’t even broken the 2006 frame, and that’s with Northshore Muni, 5-6 foot drops, natrual trials, and the like.

im mainly curious about the cranks and the hub. I havent been able to snap or bend them really badly yet. And i hear all of these stories about people bending and snapping their KH, profiles, and koxx-one stuff every now and then. But no torker crank breaks.

im just wanting to know for sure.


Cody twisted a torker axle and I think he snapped a crank off.

Just saw the advertising page of Torker in “UNI magazine”
Nice picture Justin.
Just wanted to say that.

Peter M

broke '05 frame, and thats it.

broke 05 frame, seatpost, hub(something internal is messed up, it clicks like crazy, something in the axle/cranks is bent just enough to feel it after riding a perfect hub for an hour or so. pedals…lol don’t ask… bent a nimbus double walled trials rim :slight_smile: uhm broke a seat stiffener, just about 2, now they are super-reinforced.

that said, i tore the crap out of that unicycle.

The only bad thing I have to say about the cranks is that they are 125’s on the trials version. I would love 140’s.

Thats definitely a personal preference thing, I like the 125s. I feel like much more than 136 would be a bit too much for street riding.

Justin are you still riding 24" for street or have you gone to a trials uni?

2 hubs, 1 crank, 3 frames(I think)
1 crank, 2 frames, 2 of those welgo pedals(ewww), 1 seat base…Should about cover it :wink: