Torker tx unistar 5 ft giraffe crank arm question

I found a torker tx unistar giraffe on eBay, for 150.00 shipped. It’s brand new. I’m going to shorten it to fit my daughter, since nobody makes one her size. My question is about crank arms, this comes with 127mm arms and my daughter is use to 102mm. Are these standard unicycle cotterless arms, or are they like a bike that attaches to the sprocket through the hole in the sprocket? I’m in a time crunch and need to get them ordered ASAP. Any sources would be greatly appreciated.


102 to 127mm cranks is not a huge difference
especially going up to 127.

My suggestion would be to not worry about it and use it as is.

the cranks on a giraffe are not standard unicycle cranks, as (at least) one has a chain ring

I allways use longer cranks on a giraffe than on my uni. so don’t worry about it. A little bit of more torque due to longer cranks is a good thing on a giraffe, because you need more power to pedal it. I’m sure she will like the 127ers on it and they will help her learning it fast. 127mm is pretty much standard for most learners and not something extreme long. We have many giraffes with standard bike cranks, they are 170mm. It’s easy to pedal them. The only crazy thing is going back to my freestyle with 100mm cranks after riding the giraffe. But going back fron 127 on the giraffe to 102 on the uni should feel totally normal.

I’ll agree with those above me and recommend keeping the cranks that are on there. You want leverage on a giraffe, and even 127 is a tad on the short side.

I “grew up” on a Schwinn giraffe, which came with longer cranks.