torker tx-5

Hi I have heard many different things about the tx-5 and want to see if i can get a definitive answere here. 1.) is it a durable giraffe is there a weight limit on it. 2.) Are you able to ride it backwards. I heard the cog slips. Have they fixed this problem in the new models. If you can’t ride backwards can you at least idle on one. 3.) It seems to be a popular unicycle if you have one can you post a review.

It goes backwards fine, the cog doesn’t slip, when you get it new… I have jumped up some stairs and ridden down some wider stairs with it. I’d imagine there would be a weight limit considering most unicycles do, that is something that should be in the specification, from where ever it’s sold from.

Proper tool to keep the cog tight?

I have this giraffe and am wondering if anyone knows the right tool I can use to tighten the bottom cog/sprocket (it has 28 teeth). Mine is slipping and I bought some red Loctite and a combination lockring tightener / chain whip but it was the wrong size. The chain part didn’t fit the sprocket and the tool was too wide.

My unicycle club has one of these and we haven’t had a problem with it. Also I can ride backwards and idle on it better than anything else i have ridden!
It’s a pretty cool uni!